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Make your dog exceptional and stand out from the pack with the latest dog t-shirts from My Lovely Pups. You can choose from a lot of attitude tees, funny tees, cute tees and a lot more to keep your dog warm and the centre of attention.

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Transitioning a New Dog

After falling head over heels in love with Ramona, the dog in the corner with the wiggly butt, you have decided to bring her home. This is where the hard work begins. It's easy to become enamored with nearly every dog, but taking her home and making her comfortable and happy is not necessarily so simple.

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Is a Siberian Husky The Perfect Dog For You?

Siberian Husky :: Two Siberian Husky Dogs

Siberian Huskies

The Siberian Husky is without a doubt, one of the most impressive looking dogs on this planet. Their wolf-like appearance will turn heads wherever they go. Studies of canine DNA have proven being in the Spitz family; they are among the oldest domesticated breeds.

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Got A Puppy... Now What?

One of the gifts that "keep on giving" is that of a gift puppy for Christmas. Whether it's a gift for that special someone in your life or a surprise for your children, a dog can bring a lot of joy to a home. It can also bring with it a lot of frustration as your life doesn't stop for a puppy.

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