Guiding Principles

My Lovely Pups is created to be a resource for everyone who likes puppies and dogs, no matter of age and if you have a puppy/dog or not. Our goal is to be the main resource where you get and share information about puppies and dogs as well as meeting other people interested in puppies and dogs of all kind.

To pursue its goals and visions, My Lovely Pups works by certain guiding principles. Achieving these principles should be constrained only by limitations of law, technology, and evolving social norms. We therefore establish these Guiding Principles as the foundation of the rights and responsibilities of those within the My Lovely Pups service.


To Be a Resource

To be a resource for everyone that want to know more about puppies and dogs, caring, training and a lot more in the fantastic world of having a puppy.


Freedom of Information

People should have the freedom to share whatever information they want, how we can help and what we can do to help to make the life better for our puppies and dogs. People should have the right to ask questions, come with their own thoughts and views as well as start and participate in discussions.


Fundamental Service

People should be able to use My Lovely Pups for free to establish a presence, connect with others, and share information with them. Every Person should be able to use the My Lovely Pups service regardless of his or her level of participation or contribution.


To Be a Help for Dog Interested People

To be the place where people with a big interest in puppies and dogs find information and facts about puppies, dogs and everything dog related as well as informing about new products and services.


To Help You Find What Works Best for You and Your Dog

The market for pet products and especially puppy and dog related products are overwhelming. But what works best for you and your puppy/dog? At My Lovely Pups Community you can get help and support to find the answers to the questions you might have.


To Be A Trade Place

To be a place where puppy and dog related products can be bought and sold in a safe and secure way for both sellers and buyers.


Always Be Independent

My Lovely Pups will always be independent from political and religious entities as well as political and religious views. No prejudices, political or religious views will stand in front of what we do. My Lovely Pups will focus its resources on and always work for those who need it most.


One World

My Lovely Pups service should transcend geographic and national boundaries and be available to everyone in the world.