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By Brent McCoy

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The Pomeranian (nicknamed the "Pom") is a fox-like toy breed of dog that features a thick double coat that comes in red, orange, cream, brown, white and several other multi-color combinations. The breed has origins dating back to the 16th century, and they were first bred for the main reason of herding sheep.

Some of their most identifiable traits are known to be there intelligent, energetic and playful temperament - which in essence make the Pomeranian a popular show dog and companion for singles and families with older children.

The Pomeranian is well-known for their busy, attentive and curious character. They are generally reserved with visitors and may bark a lot, which often means they are suitable as a watch dog but not so much as a guard dog due to their size.

The Pomeranian is also accepted to be quite intelligent - placing 23rd in comparison with other dogs when taking into account their capacity to be trained obedience instructions. They are additionally renowned to need constant supervision when around children to ensure they don't become handled too roughly - which means they are not the most suitable as a family pet. The Pomeranian is quite friendly with other pets if they are introduced at an early age.

Grooming the Pomeranian is a reasonably straightforward task. They require a small level of brushing twice every week as well as special care for their teeth by brushing them each day and complete grooming every 6 to 8 weeks to achieve a powder puff appearance.

The Pomeranian doesn't always need a yard to run around in, so they are suitable for apartment living just as long as they are taken for daily walks. They prefer cooler weather, and care needs to be taken to ensure they don't overheat in summer.

The Pomeranian loves pursuits that include taking a simple run around the house or regular play sessions. They have a high amount of energy and this calls for exercise each day in the shape of relatively long walks with their owner to avoid excessive barking and other behavior issues.

The Pomeranian can make the right dog breed for a single person, family with older children, retiree or apartment dweller. They are fit for anybody that is willing to commit to a moderate level of grooming and allow time to provide them with patience while housebreaking and early training to prevent them developing small dog syndrome and other bad habits in addition to take them on moderate to long walks every day and offer a good amount of company and attention. Though they might be to some extent out of place for a pet for families with younger children, if you are able to meet their special teeth care requirements, need for gentle care and love for attention then the Pomeranian can make the perfect breed of dog for you.

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