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Why Use Dog Clothes for Your Puppy?

By Dharmendar Kumar

In numerous occasions like parties, celebrations, social gatherings, exhibitions and even while shopping or outing, many people like to have their doggie around. While big dogs are usually the companion only while walking or moving to some place in cars, small puppies can be the companion at any of these places. Owners like to dress them fashionably so that they look attractive and adorable.

Why Dress Up Dogs

Some of the major reasons for people dressing up their dogs are -

  • Power of resisting the onslaught of weather is much more in larger dogs and comparatively lower in smaller puppies. Clothes can provide appropriate protection for them especially in extreme cold conditions.
  • Many people love to make their puppies look fashionable and cute and that can be possible with trendy dog clothes for them.
  • Dog clothes decorated with beads and stars often look great displaying.

Protecting Paws

Dog Clothes :: Pet Carrier Backpack

Pet Carrier Backpack

An important part of dog anatomy is their paws. Very often they get infected due to sustained dirt or other particles. Once infected, they take long time to cure and can easily spread over to other parts of the body. Special dog footwear like stockings and winter or autumn boots could come up very handy in such situations. However, some dogs do not prefer clothing or shoes and it is for the owner to appropriately train them up for using them. Commencing the training when the dog is 2-4 months old would be a good idea to acquaint them with the use of clothes and other accessories.

Dog Wardrobe

Dog Clothes :: Dressed Up Dogs

Dressed Up

A good idea for the pet owners is to have a dog wardrobe handy with a couple of different outfits for every season. Waterproof shirts for rainy season or knit sweater for the winter are examples. Dog sweater and coat can be either knitted or made by tailors with different types of fabrics. For instance; in extreme cold climates, a dog overall would be one of the best choices. If it is there in the wardrobe when the weather strikes, it would solve big problems for the owner.

One can buy dog clothes in modern pet shops or online. However, the online stores offer great opportunities as they overlap the geographical and space barriers and offer much greater options for making choices.

Dharmendar Kumar
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