Why Some Dogs Bark

By Helen Duprey

If you find yourself stressed while at work about your dogs constant barking, or if you have had neighbors complain to you about your dogs barking while you are away then it may be time for you to learn how to stop dog barking for good.

Stop Dog Barking

You can learn how to take control of your dogs barking. The basis of dog training is understanding dog behavior and why they act the way they do. By understanding why your dog barks you can be better informed on how to properly correct the behavior.

Dogs bark to communicate. Often times dogs will bark to tell you something or to express an emotion such as frustration. Dogs will often bark at each other while playing or just passing each other by on the street. It's too bad for us that we cannot understand what they are saying! Trying to decipher dog barking can be a lot like trying to decipher a new baby's different cries.

Your dogs bark will have different meanings, he can bark when he is hungry, when he needs to go outside, if he sees another dog or person walking in front of the house or you. Dogs bark if they get excited and more. Learning to decipher your dogs bark could take some time, however once you understand what he is trying to say you'll be able to know when the barking is truly inappropriate.

Barking For No Reason

While it may seem like your dog is barking for no reason this is not the case. Remember, dogs always have a reason for why they are barking and it is your job to figure out why they are barking. He could be hungry, wanting to go outside, or saw someone outside your home.

Non Stop Barking

Some dogs just seem to bark and bark and bark never stopping. By watching what your dog does while he is barking you can figure out why he is barking. A dog barking with his head in front of the window is probably barking at someone outside. A dog barking nearby where you keep food or treats or his other belongings probably wants something from that area. For unnecessary behavior it is important that you teach your dog his constant barking is unacceptable.

Barking After Punishment

If you've just punished your dog for any reason, then he may bark back at you. Think of this as a child talking back. For any parents you can understand how children can act at times, well dogs are no different. By being assertive and showing your dog that you are the boss you will help to stop this type of barking.

While your dog may be barking for a variety of reasons knowing why he barks is the key to stopping him from barking. Train your dog to act appropriately and never use harsh and cruel punishments. Barking caused by your dogs desires can generally be prevented by providing his basic needs such as food, water, and even walks. Other wants, such as treats, can be given during special occasions. Always use a strong firm voice when saying no and be sure to remain consistent. Don't let your dog bark one day and then punish him the next for barking for the same reason.

Helen Duprey
Article by Helen Duprey
I have owned many dogs throughout the years, and over those years I have learned numerous ways to train dogs and provide not just myself, but others with happy dogs and homes. If you want to find out more about how you can train your dog, visit my site http://onlinedogobedience.com/stop-dog-barking/ and get started today.