Stop Your Puppy From Chewing

By Helen Duprey

Puppies, unlike humans, use their mouths to explore the world around them. While we use our hands (with the exception of infants who also use their mouths) to do what we need to do, puppies and dogs rely on their mouths. Now what no one wants to find when they come home is that their brand new puppy has completely destroyed furniture, clothes, shoes and more. Don't worry though, you can train your puppy, or even adult dog, to stop chewing on everything he can get his teeth into.

When you have a puppy it is much easier to train them for positive good behavior than it can be to break an older dog of bad behavior. Puppies have a large window of opportunity in which to teach them appropriate behavior, including chewing. You need to set realistic goals for you AND your puppy. Dogs chew no matter what it's in their genes. What you want to do is show your puppy what items he is allowed to chew on and what items he is not.

Using toys that are made of hard durable plastic will last longer and keep your puppy entertained longer. Items such as Kongs make great long lasting toys for your puppy and they can be filled with bits of treats or dog food. Bones are ok to use on occasion but should not be relied on heavily as most dogs can chew through rawhide bones pretty quickly. Avoid stuffed toys especially if you have kids, you're puppy will not be able to differentiate between what stuffed animals are ok to chew on and which ones are not. Most stuffed dog toys are easily chewed apart and can become a choking hazard as small pieces, such as eyes and squeakers, can become lodged into your dogs throat.

When your dog is still young he will need to be supervised. Puppies have short attention spans and get bored quick, this leads them to finding other ways to entertain themselves. Keeping your puppy active with playtime and exercise will keep his mind and body busy and lessen the chances of him chewing on what he's not supposed to. For any day you will be gone for several hours it is also recommended that you crate train your puppy. This will keep him safe and prevent him from being tempted to chew on things he is not supposed to. You can leave him a few of his favorite items in his crate to keep himself busy while you're away.

The most important thing for your puppy is to be sure you give him plenty of exercise. Puppies have mountains of energy and the more pent up energy they have the more likely they are to get themselves into trouble. If you catch your dog chewing on something he is not supposed to a strong firm "No" will do as a scolding and replace the item or give him an item he is allowed to chew on followed by a "Good Boy" when he begins to interact with the item.

Helen Duprey
Article by Helen Duprey
I have owned many dogs throughout the years, from the feisty rebel to the serene quiet type. Over the years I have learned numerous ways to train dogs and provide not just myself, but others with happy dogs and homes. If you want to find out more about how you can train your dog, visit my site and get started today.