Is It Okay For Your Dog To Eat Raw Meat?

By Steve Weber

Many pet owners worry when they see their dog eating raw meat. But it should be understood that raw foods are what canines are meant to eat actually. Can you only imagine if wolves and coyotes had to wait for someone to cook and/or process their food!

The digestive systems of dogs are far different than those of humans. Domesticated dogs, if given the chance, will consume small wild animals they catch in their entirety. We've had many dogs over the years and live in an area with a high population of squirrels and rabbits. I cannot recall the numbers of times that a dog has caught one and consumed it completely. By completely I mean everything. When one of our dogs eats a rabbit, there is nothing left. The head, the hide, the feet, and the insides are all gone when they finish.

However, to make a point of just how "OK" it is for dogs to eat, not only raw meat, but also spoiled meat, we have one dog that catches and buries the rabbits. She will not eat it then. She will catch it and kill it but then go and secretly bury it. Whether she forgets where it is or just does not care is a question. But she leaves it for either her or some other dog to find weeks later. Needless to say, by that time it is quite rank. But still, the dog who finds it will eat it even then with no noticeable effects.

Although a dog's digestive system may tolerate raw rabbits fine, there is a possibility they can get worms from eating rabbits. The worms are easily gotten rid of though and can also be caught simply by the dog digging and being outside in general. But my point is that it is not only fine for your dogs to eat raw meat, it is better for them in most cases with respect to their overall health and also with respect to their dental health. Tartar does not build up on canine teeth in those who consume raw chicken for example as their main food. The soft bones of the uncooked chicken act to remove the tartar from the teeth and keep them clean.

Many people actually buy only raw chicken for their dogs, grind it up bones and all, and portion it out into bags in the freezer. This is far healthier for canines than consuming the processed dog food that most are fed.

Steve Weber
Article by Steve Weber
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