Choosing the Right Food for Your Dog

By Dean Severidt

When picking the type of dog food to feed your pet, you would like to think about how old he is, the breed of your dog, your dog's level of activity and also how healthy he is. As an example, puppies and senior dogs will have different types of nutritive needs and you need to make sure your dog or pup has satisfactory consumption of these nutrients for a long, happy and healthy live.

Dry Dog Food

Feeding your dog with dry dog food, customarily in little pieces of kibbles, is maybe one of the best decisions among dog owners. Nonetheless not all dog food brands use top quality natural ingredients. Always be sure to read the label of ingredients listed before buying any type of dog food. These are some guiding principles to help to have some ideas of what the label basically tells you: No Preservative, synthetic coloring and Flavors. Usually, natural dog food doesn't contain any preservative, synthetic colors and flavors. Consumption of these elements could be damaging to your dogs health if taken over a long period of time. Avoid the ones that label chemical additions as a source of flavor.


Lookout for the color of the dog food, sometimes dog food made of organic ingredients is in soft earth tones. Existence of other colors may contain some source of additions.

Kind of Meat

Avoid brands that labeled ingredients include beef spin-off. Select one that made from natural meat like chicken, lamb or liver.

Raw Dog Food

Feeding your dog with raw dog food is the most healthy and the very best. Raw dog food contains all natural and unprocessed ingredients. A good raw dog food meal generally contains forty percent beef, thirty percent fiber and 30 percent starch. Thereby, when preparing a meal for your dog, be certain to include some source of plants and starch as well as the raw beef like liver, meat, lamb and so on. Sorts of plants like broccoli, carrots and yams are all excellent sources of fibers and starches for your dog.

Preparing meals for your dog is not always practical and can make owning a dog much more burdensome than it needs to be. If you have the time and want to prepare well balanced meals for your dog, than by all means do it. Nevertheless if you're like most owners of pets it is better to buy wet or dry dog food at your convenience.

Dean Severidt
Article by Dean Severidt
Dr. Severidt is a vet in Jacksonville, FL and the creator and Manager of Pet Doctors of America. Pet Doctors of America operates vet hospitals in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, FL. For more info visit or on Facebook at