Common Mistakes in Pet Grooming at Home

By R Dilip Kumar

It is not uncommon for dog owners to try pet grooming at home. While they do this, there are a lot of mistakes that they make. What is the required is the right equipment and a lot of patience and with these two thing, pet grooming can be a very simple thing to do and it will save you a lot of time and money.

While attempting pet grooming at home, you have to be very careful. A slight slip of the clippers because you are a bit careless can result in an injury to your pet. What you need to understand is the fact that this injury is not just a physical injury but it is also an emotional injury. Your pet will loose the confidence in you and he may not treat just the same way he used before it all happened.

One of the most common mistakes happens while you are shaving your pet. People tend to get too close to the skin while shaving which often results in a nasty razor burn. This can be the beginning to infections. If this happens with you, stop immediately and apply some first aid. It is recommended that you apply some anti-bacterial salve and clean the wound if possible.

One very important thing to do at this point is to let your pet know that the injury was not intentional. Hug your pet and express a sorry for the accident. Gesture to him that you are sorry for what has happened and that it was not intentional. He might not be able to understand your words but will be able to understand your behavior and will reciprocate.

Keep a watch on the wound. If you see that the wound becomes red or, there is puss in or, around it, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Do not let the animal lick the wound. If you see it happening, you should get a protective plastic collar to prevent your pet from doing it.

Another common mistake while grooming your pet happens while shampooing your pet. A bit of carelessness and the shampoo or, chemical can get into your pet's eyes. Pets do not stay still while grooming. They keep moving their heads. This coupled with your carelessness can mean disaster. Chemicals or, shampoo causes irritation if it gets into the eyes and the pet will have an extremely unpleasant experience.

Maintain calm if this happens and wash the soap out with plain water or, a saline solution. Once you have done this, dab the corners of the eye with a sterile cloth. Cuddle your pet and try to divert his attention. Show them their favorite toy. Hold it in such a way that your pet rolls his eyes and you get a chance to see if the irritation persists. If your see that the eyes are red and the irritation is persistent then visit your veterinarian.

Most pet owners prefer leaving their pets unrestrained or, loose while grooming. This is not recommended. This could prove fatal to your pet. Most animals hate baths and tend to run when they see that they are in for one. This can put then into dangerous situations because they are extremely careless when they run from fear and could bang into walls or, run onto the road. Hence it is always recommended that you put your dog in a leash. You can also put a muzzle on your pet, just as a protection. If you bath your pet outside, then it is recommended that you do it inside a fenced courtyard.

Pet Grooming, though is something that is normally done by professionals, can be a real good experience if you do it yourselves at home. It can be cost-effective and can help in improving the bond between you and your pet. If you follow appropriate safety tips and are careful while you do it, pet grooming at home can be a wonderful and rewarding experience.

R Dilip Kumar
Article by R Dilip Kumar
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