Dog Dental Health: Remove Tartar From Dog Teeth

By Steve Weber

Cleaning Dog Teeth is not much more difficult than cleaning your own teeth that are after he gets used to it. The fact is that dogs can have tarter and plaque builds up on their teeth just like we do. And if they can have tarter and plaque then they can get cavities also, and tooth aches. The only difference is that we humans know all about those things and what to do our dogs don't. We as their owners and loyal masters are left to deal with such matters for them.

In most cases we can have the Vet clean our dog's teeth on their regular visits. The Vet will scrape all of the tarter and plaque from your dogs teeth and check for cavities. In some cases the dog becomes nervous and agitated and has to be put to sleep before he can get his teeth brushed. Most of the time the dog becomes accustom to having his teeth brushed and will sit still. Some dogs even like to have their teeth cleaned.

Does your dog suffer from bad breath, or do you suffer from your dog's bad breath? If so perhaps you should consider cleaning your dogs teeth at home instead of waiting until he goes to the vet every time.

If your dog has stinky breath it's highly possible that there is a problem with his teeth or gums. Your dog should see the Vet as soon as possible. Infections caused by gum disease can be very dangerous to you dog. While you're there ask the Vet about Cleaning Dog Teeth at home. Is it recommended and how often should you clean your dog's teeth are some very good questions to ask you dogs Vet.

If the Vet recommends that you start cleaning your dog's teeth at home, try to remember that this is likely new to your dog and he may become agitated. So take it easy, and make sure he is too before you begin. A good way to do this is brush his teeth right after a big meal when he wants to just lay around and digest his food.

Another trick is to let him make friends with the tooth brush, try putting one of his most favorite foods on the end of the tooth brush and let him lick it off. One final thing about cleaning dog teeth, it is just as important as cleaning your own teeth.

Steve Weber
Article by Steve Weber
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