Dogs And Christmas - Do's And Don'ts To Keep Them Happy

By Annelie Becher

International statistics show that vets have an incredible amount of work to do over and just after the Christmas holidays.

They have to treat dogs and cats who suffer from stomach upsets, sickness and diarrhea. Dogs who have swallowed small objects and suchlike.

It seems that Christmas is not only a stressful time for humans but also for our dogs.

Christmas is one of the times when good intentions can produce bad consequences. Meaning to do well we often overdo things. We eat too much, drink too much, spend too much and laze about too much. We all know that this is not what Christmas is about but we enjoy going over the top at times.

Whilst our bodies are used to a wide variety of foods and are able to cope with too much fat, sugar and carbohydrates at times, our dogs digestive systems are quite different. A dog responds very quickly when his diet is changed. The dog, as a species, has no use for carbohydrates and sugars so sweets are bad for dogs and our beloved chocolate can actually kill a dog!

Here are some reminders of how to keep your pooch happy over the holidays:

  • don't give him any chocolate whatsoever - he can't digest even small amounts
  • don't feed him sweets
  • don't feed him more than his usual rations
  • make sure your guests don't give him "treats" from the table
  • don't feed him cooked turkey bones - bones are good but only when they are raw
  • don't let him get at your kids new toys if they are small enough to be swallowed
  • don't forget to feed him at his regular time and take him out for his daily walk

Yes, all the nice things are for humans only!

  • do take your dog out for a nice long walk - it will help both of you!
  • do stick to your dog's regular diet
  • as far as your dog is concerned DO treat Christmas as if it was just a normal sort of day!

I know that this maybe hard for you because you want to make your dog happy over Christmas. So why not give him an extra hour outside? Or play with him and his new toy for a while? Tell him how much you love him and that he is the best dog in the world?

And make sure he has a quiet place to go when he needs a little rest from the party and all the noise that's going on when humans celebrate.

If you stick to your dog's daily routine he sure won't be one of the unlucky ones at the vet's this Christmas!

As a loving and dedicated dog owner you aspire to do what ever you can to make your four legged friend happy.

Protecting him from harm, providing the best possible nourishment and life style as well as educating him well are important for his overall well being.

But most important of all is the relationship you offer him or her.

Annelie Becher
Article by Annelie Becher
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