How to Deal with Anxiety in Dogs

By Rob Zygelman

Dogs suffer from varying forms of anxiety. Some suffer with stress when they hear thunder or fireworks, which leaves them shivering in fear or trying to hide under furniture. Other ways of displaying stress regarding noise is barking or howling.

Other dogs suffer from separation anxiety; this is usually when the owner leaves them for extended periods of time. Some can't cope being on their own and this can result in destructive behavior such as chewing furniture or relieving themselves on furniture.

Travel is another common stress suffered by dogs. Dogs may become excitable and constantly bark on a road trip while others will vomit and be really ill.

Handling stress in dogs takes patience. Proper training and consistency is the way forward, but there are easier ways of managing this anxiety.

There is now a coat that you can put on your dog, it fits snuggly and is held together with strong Velcro. This shirt puts pressure on the dog's nervous system immediately relaxing the dog in any situation.

Using this shirt in conjunction with basic improvement training can offer amazing results. If you have a dog that is petrified of the vacuum cleaner and runs away messing itself every time it's time you clean your home, you can put the coat on him and vacuum away. While he will still be aware of the sound of the vacuum cleaner he will not be as nervous or anxious.

Dealing with stress in dogs is time consuming, frustrating and exhausting. Depending on the severity of the anxiety depends on how well the coat will work. In extreme cases you will see noticeable results, but it will still require constant training and techniques to improve the dog completely.

The reasons why dogs suffer from anxiety is unknown, your dog may be happy and run around when you have thunder outside and the next time it will be a shivering ball in the corner. The most important think you must never do when your dog reacts and becomes anxious is trying and calm them. By giving them attention and speaking to them softly in order to calm them, you are actually approving of their behavior which in turn results in the dog constantly acting this way in these situations.

We love our dogs like our own children, but it's important to remember that dogs are not humans and they see things very differently to how we do. That is why it's so important to treat them as a dog when they are displaying signs of anxiety. It's very difficult to ignore a shivering dog that is trying to hide during a fireworks display, but by picking them up, stroking them or speaking to them only makes them believe they are meant to act this way.

Combining the coat with ignoring their anxiety will dramatically improve your dog in all stressful situations. If your dog barks constantly, suffers with travel anxiety or suffers from anxiety during firework displays or thunderstorms, there are ways to deal with it that can have you enjoying a care free pet again.

Rob Zygelman
Article by Rob Zygelman
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