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Dog Meet and Greet

You have probably found yourself in this position before: You are walking Petey, your usually well-mannered and friendly dog when he notices a new dog. Whether it's coming towards you, is behind you, or is somewhere off to the side, Petey has noticed him before you. He gets excited, he pulls on the leash, he barks like a maniac, and you drag him off by the neck to avoid the confrontation.

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Finding a Reputable Pet Sitter

Finding caregivers for your fur baby is a task not to be taken lightly. If you are like most dog owners, Duncan is your best buddy and you want the best possible care for him. When you travel, you have a few options for what to do with Duncan. If you're lucky, you can either take him with you or have a trusted friend or family member take him in. For many dog owners, those are not possibilities, which is why boarding and pet sitting are part of the booming pet care industry.

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Funny Dog Story - The Dog Who Loves Diamonds

The fact that dogs are always good for a surprise was demonstrated by a small member of the species some time ago.

The dog I am talking about belongs to a jeweler who takes him along to the shop every day where the little dog sits patiently on the counter whilst his master does what jewelers do.

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The Forgotten Factor of Responsible Dog Ownership

Nearly all dog owners know they must provide at least an adequate quality of life for their dogs. That includes food, shelter, health needs, and safety. Responsible owners add training and affection, as they are responsible for their dog's actions and behavior. They also know they are accountable for their dog's happiness and well-being.

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Getting Over The Fear of Dogs

Maybe you were bitten by a dog as a child, or maybe there was a dog on your street that barked loudly at you when you walked by. For whatever reason, you find yourself among the population of folks who are afraid of dogs. Whether this fear was brought on as a child or an adult, it is a hard fear to deal with. There are dogs everywhere, and just like people, some dogs really are fear-worthy, while others are nearly saint-like in their temperaments.

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A Video Montage of People Getting Puppies for Christmas

It's really hard to achieve greater cuteness than a puppy in a red bow popping out of a gift-wrapped box. So that's what we're delivering, courtesy of YouTube.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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A Merry Puppy Christmas

It is amazing how much our dogs have become a part of our Christmas celebrations and what we do for them. We buy them presents and wrap them so we can sit and watch how they unwrap their gifts. We dress them up in festive clothes, hats, and scarves and include them in our annual family Christmas cards. We make videos of them singing and taking part in the spirit of Christmas.

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