Funny Dog Story - The Dog Who Loves Diamonds

By Annelie Becher

The fact that dogs are always good for a surprise was demonstrated by a small member of the species some time ago.

The dog I am talking about belongs to a jeweler who takes him along to the shop every day where the little dog sits patiently on the counter whilst his master does what jewelers do.

One day the jeweler inspected a couple of diamond rings which he left on the counter upon leaving the room. When he came back, the valuable rings had gone! Nobody could have entered his shop through the door without him noticing it because of the bells on the door.

With the diamonds gone and his little dog the only living being in the shop the jeweler concluded that his little friend must have had something to do with the disappearance of the valuables - but what?

The vet finally answered his question by taking an x- ray of the pooch, finding the diamond rings inside him!

It was a blessing for the dog that the diamonds came out again the natural way!

Seeing this on TV the other day I thought you might like the entertainment but there is a serious message hiding behind the humor which all dog owners need to be aware of:

Dogs can not be trusted NOT to gobble up and swallow things which are bad for them!

A few years back one of my bitches needed to have an x- ray taken and the picture revealed that she had a needle inside her gut. Can you imagine my horror at the sight of this? Luckily the needle left my dog's inside with her motions without causing any harm!

There are dogs who develop a habit of swallowing stones which then have to be removed by surgery - and believe it or not they keep doing it - nobody knows why they do it or how to stop them.

Because prevention is always the best cure we need to discourage our pooches from picking up stones and must never throw stones for them to pick up. Stones and dogs are simply not a good match since stones can not only be swallowed but they also damage a dog's teeth.

Annelie Becher
Article by Annelie Becher
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