Labrador Training: What To Avoid During Training

By Kate Truman

Labrador training is not as difficult as training other breeds, many dog lovers can attest to that. Who doesn't want an intelligent pet with good working ethics anyway?

As you marvel at this breed's learning ability, it helps if you're aware of what training pitfalls to avoid so as you'll be able to reach your preferred training outcome. One of the most harmful things every dog owner must avoid is the use of physical abuse. Although you have been itching to strike your pet for urinating near the couch, refrain yourself from doing so since it will only intensify the problem rather than correct it. Instead of inflicting pain as a form of punishment, it would be more helpful to provide correction using reward technique. If you catch your dog in the act of urinating at the wrong place, distract him right away, bring him to the appropriate spot and let him finish there. Praise and reward him for completing his business. The same it goes if you catch him in the act of chewing or digging. Distract instantly and give him toys or bring him to area allowed for digging.

Another thing that needs to be avoided is dull and lengthy Labrador training sessions. The Labrador Retriever is generally known as even-tempered breed but like any other dog breeds, they certainly get bored too. To prevent boredom, that usually ends to behavior issues, training sessions should only last for five to ten minutes. Although it helps to include challenging lessons and training routines, always make sure to finish on a positive note.

If you or your furry friend is not in perfect condition, training must be avoided as well. A Labrador Retriever, though a smart breed, will not learn successfully if he's sick, nervous or stressed. Moreover, a dog can tell whether you are annoyed or mad that is why training when the both of you aren't emotionally and physically well is best avoided.

Every Labrador training has goals and objectives and obviously, every dog owner wants these objectives and goals accomplished right away. This breed may be the most intelligent breed but remember, training a certain command usually takes days and even weeks hence it is best not to expect too much too soon from your pet. Doing so will only lead you to frustration thus prompt you to give up your pet.

Kate Truman
Article by Kate Truman
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