Top Five Tips in Training Labrador Dogs Successfully

By Marcus B Stephens

When you decide to own a Labrador, you are held responsible for his training and behavior formation. Training Labrador dogs requires your time, effort, patience and commitment in order to do the task successfully. Your Labrador has several needs that can be categorized to material or emotional. If you are able to spend time in training Lab dogs, you can easily know these needs as well as the means to provide them without difficulty. Before you train your Labrador, make sure that you are equipped with necessary knowledge so that you can effectively go on with the training program that you have prepared for your Lab's learning.

Five Secrets in Successfully Training Labrador Dogs:

Tip One: Training Labrador dogs must be started from day one. As you bring your Labrador puppy home, you can immediately start his training program given that he is in the right age to be trained. 2 months onwards is the recommended age to begin Labrador training. At this age, there is a greater chance that your Lab can quickly grasp the positive traits you wanted him to learn because his young mind can easily adapt to new concepts.

Do not think that training Labrador dogs is difficult. It may require most of your time and patience but seeing this task as a challenge will more likely yield positive results. Due to their intelligence and excellence in training, Labradors are constantly preferred by most dog owners. To utilize your Labrador's intelligence and excellence in training, influence him in forming positive traits as early as you can. This is to fully maximize your Labrador's potential in becoming a well-behaved companion while he is still young. If you are able to do this, the formation of bad habits will be prevented.

As you begin training Labrador dogs, help him adjust with his new environment by gradually introducing certain situations that he is not used to, This includes people, other animals and conditions that he may frequently encounter. You can start training Labrador dogs by introducing a daily routine that will basically include his eating and sleeping habits.

Tip Two: Training Labrador dogs also require you to be a responsible leader at all times. Your leadership skills will motivate your Lab's cooperation and willingness to learn. Once you are able to show your Labrador that you can take good care of him, he will immediately learn to trust you. Remember that Labradors are pack animals who have a recognized leader that knows how to command them. Show your Labrador that you can be that leader by guiding him in every step of his learning.

Tip Three: As you go on with training Labrador dogs, keep in mind that punishment is not an option. Punishing your Lab's mistake as you move on with his training will only make him aggressive. Once your Labrador is exposed to such situation, the aggressive behavior might be very difficult to solve. It is therefore necessary to be careful in correcting your Lab's mistakes.

Rewarding your Labrador's positive behavior will greatly contribute to the success of his training. This can be done by way of praises or treats. Enforcing positive reinforcement will greatly contribute to the efficiency of your Lab's training.

Tip Four: In Training Labrador dogs, you have to make room for constant socialization so that he can be exposed to several situations. This breed can be very attached to their owners. In training Labrador dogs, it is also important to bond with other people and animals. You can do this by taking your Lab to training schools where he may have the opportunity to play and interact with others. Even a simple daily walk at the park will do. These are simple ways to prevent the development of anxiety in your Labrador. This will also serve as a form of exercise for your Lab that can greatly improve or maintain his healthy condition.

Tip Five: Be consistent as you go on with training Labrador dogs. Consistency will make way for your Lab to easily learn the tasks and commands that you give him. Do not move on to another task unless he is able to learn the previous one perfectly. You can do this by way of repetition.

Training Labrador dogs will benefit both you and your dog. By learning to enjoy this opportunity, you can get to have a rewarding and productive relationship with each other. As you take the above tips into consideration, you will see that training Lab dogs is a fun activity after all.

Marcus B Stephens
Article by Marcus B Stephens
Marcus Stephens "The Dog Guy" has owned and trained Labradors for more than 20 years and founded the website "Labrador Obedience Problems" at