Golden Retriever Training: Tools That Work

By Kate Truman

Successful Golden Retriever training is not that difficult to achieve. Though positive training is often useful when training Golden Retrievers, an owner can choose other methods if he sees the need to do so. There are also lots of training tools to make training easy. While the cost of a few of these tools can create a hole in your pocket, understand that you never have to purchase each and every dog training tool available for sale. Just get the things you need and you'll be fine.

With so many training tools available in pet supply stores or pet section of your local grocery, determining what tool is more important than the other can be confusing at times. If you're not fully aware, you could end up purchasing the things that are less effective or things you do not really need. The following are some tips to help you figure out what tools to prioritize:

Collars and Leash

These two are not only the most popular but the most important as well. The collar, where the leash is attached, is positioned around the dog's neck. It's best for controlling the dog during training however, care ought to be taken when using it considering that inappropriate use might cause injuries. The leash on the other hand gives you better control over your dog even if you are a few feet away. Use a strong 6-foot nylon leash, not a retractable one, during training.


Delicious food treats are used as bait and reward. Every time you reward your dog for doing something desirable, you are boosting the likelihood of that certain behavior being exhibited repeatedly. Treats could be small bits of kibble, cheese or hotdog, bone marrows with fillings, or raw hides. Treats however must not replace his regular dog food.


Made of a small plastic and metal object that sounds when you press on it, the clicker is probably one of the easiest and most recommended Golden Retriever training tools. It works by making a "click" sound for every good behavior shown. It is then followed by a treat or praise. This particular tool is effective because it gives you the opportunity to acknowledge your pet's good behavior right after he did it.


While some pet owners do not agree to using crate during training or using crate in general, crate is actually one of the most useful devices one can use especially during potty training. Furthermore, it is ideal in keeping your pet safe when leaving him alone at home or when you take him to travel with you be it by car or by plane.

With proper use, these tools will surely help you achieve your mission of having a satisfactorily trained Golden Retriever.

Kate Truman
Article by Kate Truman
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