Potty Training Issues for Dogs

By Anthony Gilberto

Potty training your dog, which is also known as housebreaking, can be a difficult task and in order to be successful with such training, you need to stick with it at all costs. The main thing you need to remember is that you must remain consistent.

Another important thing to consider is that your dog is going to have an accident here and there. More importantly, you need to understand that there is a reason for the accident and you need to pinpoint those potty training issues. By doing this, the potty training process itself will go much smoother.

Below are a few of the most common potty training issues for dogs. These will help you understand why dogs have accidents, which could potentially help you learn how too successfully potty train your animal.

Accidentally Taught to Potty Inside

One of the most commonly reflected potty training issues for dogs is that they were accidentally taught to use the bathroom inside rather than outside. This was not done intentionally on your part, of course. More often than that, the reason that this has occurred is because you, as the pet owner, punished the dog at the site of the accident, which had already occurred.

Scent Marking/Leg Lifting

Another very common issue for dogs when it comes to potty training is that a lot of dogs - particularly males - mark their territory within the home. Some incredibly dominant females could have this problem as well. In addition, dogs with insecurities of another pet possibly coming into his/her territory will mark the house with their scent to signify that the home is already occupied. It is sort of like a fence for a dog.

Submissive Urination

While this isn't exactly a potty training issue for a dog, it is still something that causes pets to do the deed inside the house. This particular problem, submissive urination is when your dog accidentally urinates when greeting people, becoming excited, scared or upset, play time and arguments within the home that cause the dog to become stressed. The dog should not be punished for this, as it will only make the entire problem that much worse.

Emotional Issues

Believe it or not, dogs have feelings and emotions, too. While they are different than our own, they are still present. If there are arguments in the home or any type of stressful trauma, the dog, especially a sensitive one, can easily be affected by the environment. If the dog's owner, who is extremely close to the dog, passes away, is scared or upset, the dog could become sensitive to the situation and have accidents.


Just as with humans, aging has its side effects. Older dogs do not like changes once they have become stuck in their own daily routine causing them to become senile if things change. As dogs age, they won't be able to control the urge as they used to and the number of accidents are very likely to rise, which shouldn't be punished.

Anthony Gilberto
Article by Anthony Gilberto
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