First-time Owner's Guide For Labrador Retriever Training

By Kate Truman

Labrador Retriever training is an important task dog owners must not ignore. Through it, the dog is taught several lessons to enable him to respond in ways not just considered desirable by humans but also to ensure safety of everyone around. Because of their even-temperament and ability to learn, training a Labrador Retriever isn't as complicated as training other stubborn breeds such as Bulldog, Beagle and Basset Hound. But despite this breed's learning potential, training can become difficult if owners, especially first timers, do not know what training strategies work or what is most effective for this specific breed.

Labrador Retriever training starts the very first day your pup came home. But during this period, training does not necessarily have to involve advance or complicated lessons like teaching him to ring the bell when he wishes to go outside to potty nor fascinating tricks like rollover. Be it a young puppy or an adult dog from the shelter, your new pet's first few days at home is always adjustment stage and familiarization.

Gradually introduce him to the new environment you brought him into but do not forget to set limits in regards to what he's permitted to gain access. If you doesn't want him to access the bedroom or the living room couch, make it clear to him once and for all. If there are other pets in the house, say a cat or birds, make their first encounter as tension-free and pleasant as possible. Expose him to stuff, locations, persons and other sights and sounds he is more likely to deal with in the future. Do so in a gentle approach and make each encounter enjoyable so that he'll be able to associate it with something he would like to do next time. But prior to taking him out to meet the world outside your home, make sure to get the approval of the vet first. Young puppies shouldn't be permitted to mingle with other dogs unless they have completed mandatory vaccines to avoid various health conditions.

While you can't expect a young pup to completely avoid accidents, potty training ought to start at the earliest opportunity. Get him used to potty at the place you prefer by bringing him there on regular schedule like after waking up each morning, after meals, when stressed or thrilled, after exercise and before sleeping.

Labrador Retriever training is a continuing procedure and ought to be started right for it to turn out right.

Kate Truman
Article by Kate Truman
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