Golden Retriever Training: Dog Pulling Remedy

By Kate Truman

Different pet owners have different purposes for providing Golden Retriever training. While many Golden Retrievers are considered to become family pets, many are also geared up to become guide dog to those with vision impairment and hearing dog for deaf people. Some of them are also trained to hunt, detect unlawful drugs and to take part in search and rescue operations. But regardless of their good track record, it is not uncommon for this breed to develop minor problem at some stage in their lives - minor problem which could develop into something troubling if taken for granted.

One minor predicament that is seen to affect Golden Retrievers and other dog breeds is pulling on leash. The problem doesn't seem to be very serious if you have a young pup but imagine what will become of him in the years ahead. A 70-pound Golden Retriever tugging the leash is not an excellent idea for sure.

Before you went out of the doorway to enjoy the early morning sunlight, ensure that he is calm. Instead of going to him to get ready for the walk, call him to come to you and attach his leash. Get out of the door ahead of him. If he went out ahead of you, return and command him to sit or stay to calm him down. This intends to make him realize that you will never go on walking if he keeps on running ahead of you or if he remains antsy. When walking, bear in mind that you always have to be ahead or beside him, not behind him. Leaders are always in front of the pack, right?

Immediately after he begins to pull the leash, stop right away despite his best effort to move. Resume the walk only when he has calmed down. If he keeps on pulling, stop and walk in the opposite route. The general rule of this specific Golden Retriever training is to make him understand that you are the one who determine when and where to go and that he should keep his focus on you to find out the next destination.

Motivate good behavior by rewarding him each time he shows one. Lavish him with praise every time he moves forward and a treat every once in awhile won't hurt too. By being a patient and consistent dog owner, your pet will soon learn that a good dog does not pull on the leash when walking.

Kate Truman
Article by Kate Truman
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