Cool Tricks to Teach Your Pet During Labrador Retriever Training

By Kate Truman

If there is only one thing Labrador owners want to attain, that's effective Labrador Retriever training. Through training, a dog learns how to behave in ways acceptable by his human companions thus in turn can improve the pet-owner bond. Socialization, basic obedience training and housebreaking are best taught early on to prevent undesirable behaviors from developing. While these things are deemed as the most important one can teach his beloved pet, owners may also teach extra tricks that will definitely amuse everyone.

Here are some tricks you may want to teach your pet:


Training a Labrador to master fetch should not be so difficult given that this breed is hard-wired for retrieving. They can carry things in their mouths with great gentleness and their webbed paws make it easy for them to retrieve stuff from the water.

Some Labradors can discern the command by themselves but if your pet needs training, you must begin teaching the command "take it". To do so, hold a treat in front of your dog's mouth and give the command "take it". If he has associated the command with the action, you'll soon notice him opening his mouth the moment he hears you give the command. Take this chance to slip a dumbbell inside his mouth and let it stay there for a few seconds. Praise and reward him with a treat. When he's used with having the dumbbell in his mouth, proceed with "hold it". After he picks up the dumbbell, lightly hold his mouth and command him to "hold it". After a while, command him to "give" the dumbbell and allow him to spit it out. Continue on working with every command and later on with the take it-hold it-give sequence. Increase the distance gradually and don't forget to reward him with praise or treat for good manners shown.


Another trick you can teach during Labrador Retriever training is speak. To get going, you'll need to choose a hand signal; twisting your closed fist, snapping your fingers or whatever is convenient for you. Give the hand signal and reward him with praise or treat when he barks. If your dog doesn't bark, keep on giving the hand signal until he barks. Regular practice of the command will subsequently allow him to understand the trick.

Kiss Me

Basically, there is no need to teach your pet to kiss considering that dogs naturally love to kiss their owners. The only thing you must teach him is to carry out the trick only after a verbal command is given. Give the command "kiss me" and lower your cheek in front of his mouth. Reward him with praise or treat when he licks your face on command.

These three tricks are just a few of the numerous things you can train your beloved Labrador Retriever. Although Labrador Retrievers are notable for being obedient and highly trainable, bear in mind that training a certain command normally takes time. Just enjoy the training sessions as opposed to forcing your pet to learn things too early.

Kate Truman
Article by Kate Truman
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