Pursuits of Labrador Retriever Training

By Kate Truman

You do not provide Labrador Retriever training mainly because you are expected to do so. Training ought to be provided because it is needed in order to make your furry friend healthy and happy. While it is the general goal of every training, a Labrador can be trained to focus on attaining a particular objective like becoming a:

Guide Dog

Also called disabled-assistant or seeing eye dog, guide dogs are trained to guide individuals with disabilities specifically those with visual impairment. Potential guide dogs are trained early on beginning on socialization, potty training and basic obedience training. After a dog is fully-trained and can be trusted in guiding, he's then matched with a blind person. After the right dog is partnered to an appropriate person, both are trained to work out together as partners. Because of their intelligence and work ethics, Labradors along with Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds are the most popular choices however, other breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers, Poodles and Boxers could become guide dogs as well if given correct Labrador Retriever training.

Hunting Dog

Labradors are widely-used in hunting as well exactly like other gun dogs. Having been bred to help retrieve fishing nets, Labradors have webbed paws and water-repellent coat, features that help make fishing and waterfowl hunting easy. Apart from that, this breed is famous for being athletic and for their love for water and swimming that is why whatever activity that requires water is rarely a predicament.

Therapy Dog

Besides their intelligence, the Labrador is known for its steady temperament and friendliness to strangers thus they are commonly used as therapy dogs to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, nursing facilities and other areas with traumatic conditions. Since the task of a therapy dog is to permit people even unfamiliar ones to make physical contact, a potential one needs to be friendly, patient, confident, gentle and comfortable in every situation. In order to become a great therapy dog, a Labrador should undergo extensive Labrador Retriever training process and improve such habits.

Search And Rescue Dog

The Labrador is curious and exploratory breed with great sense of smell. They even have a reputation of following the scent until they find it. Search and rescue dogs are generally used to track down missing victims in the wilderness, disaster areas, avalanche and sea.

Detection Dog

Aside from search and rescue, one more role Labradors can perform due to their great sense of smell is detection. Several Labradors are trained to detect explosives, illegal drugs and even blood.

Kate Truman
Article by Kate Truman
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