Christmas With Your Dog

By Ron Ayalon

It's Christmas morning, you and the family have raced down to the tree, and you are ready to tear into your gifts. Everyone is thrilled with their presents and enjoying the morning, while Baxter is left with torn up wrapping paper as his only new toy. Why not get Baxter in on the fun? Get your beloved family dog a few items that will light up his face more than crumpled paper.

While some may find it frivolous to spend on the dog, it doesn't have to be much. Besides, it's fun for you as well as Baxter to pick out some things you know he will love to have.

  • Treats! What dog doesn't love treats? Surely you keep the cookie jar stacked with some of Baxter's favorites year round, but Christmas is a great time to try something special. There are all kinds of boutique dogs businesses offering handmade and organic treats for your buddy. Dogs love them because they are made from real food, but they are more expensive than your supermarket treats. Splurge on Baxter for Christmas and get him the nice dog cookies! Or if you are feeling adventurous, make some yourself. Be sure to look up a recipe that is appropriate for doggy tummies.
  • Smart toys. You always suspected Baxter was a genius, right? Don't get him just any old chew toy for a gift, then. There are plenty of puzzle toys on the market these days. You can get him a rubbery toy that holds treats or food. When he rolls it around and chews on it, the food comes out. He will get hours of enjoyment out of figuring out how to get to the treats. You can even find toys with drawers and cubby holes. You put treats in them and Baxter gets to solve the puzzle to get to the good stuff.
  • Clothes. Ok, this one might be more of a present for you. Dogs don't really wake up and think about what to wear. Baxter might, however, appreciate having a sweater or jacket for those chilly winter walks. The styles, materials, and colors of doggy outwear that you can find are nearly limitless. You can get him a festive red puffer vest, a black hoodie, or a Christmas sweater; whatever suits his (or your) style. Another good idea for winter is a set of booties. If you live in a snowy area, Baxter probably comes in from walks picking little balls of ice out of his feet. Avoid that by putting some footwear on him before you head out.
  • Out with the old. Christmas is a great opportunity to get rid of some of Baxter's stuff that has gotten a bit rank. If you can't get the stink out of his bed or his favorite blanket, get him some new ones. Has he been working on that nasty old piece of rawhide for a while? Toss it and buy him a packet of new bones.
  • Microchip. So, Baxter might not appreciate getting injected with a subcutaneous chip, but in the long run, it is best for him. If you haven't done it yet, now is the time to show him how much you love him. Take him to the vet and get him this chip. If he gets lost, anyone who finds him can take him to any vet to be scanned and he will be back home before you even miss him.

Baxter is a part of the family, right? Treat him as such by letting him rip open a few presents on Christmas morning. He may not understand what is going on, but he will appreciate his new treats, toys, and apparel.

Ron Ayalon
Article by Ron Ayalon
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