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Is a Siberian Husky The Perfect Dog For You?

Siberian Husky :: Two Siberian Husky Dogs

Siberian Huskies

The Siberian Husky is without a doubt, one of the most impressive looking dogs on this planet. Their wolf-like appearance will turn heads wherever they go. Studies of canine DNA have proven being in the Spitz family; they are among the oldest domesticated breeds.

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The Secret to Raising a Happy Healthy Dog

Bringing up a puppy is a big job, but many first time dog owners don't realize that until after they've brought their new puppy home. They get taken over by the heat of the moment when they first locked eyes with their chosen puppy, and reality just fell away, until later...

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Choosing the Right Food for Your Dog

When picking the type of dog food to feed your pet, you would like to think about how old he is, the breed of your dog, your dog's level of activity and also how healthy he is. As an example, puppies and senior dogs will have different types of nutritive needs and you need to make sure your dog or pup has satisfactory consumption of these nutrients for a long, happy and healthy live.

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Grooming Your New Puppy

So you have a new puppy. Now is the time to introduce your puppy to grooming. If you have a small table, get a piece of carpet remnant that you can place on top. This will save your back, keep your puppy from slipping, and will make grooming an easier task. Have your puppies favorite treats in your pocket. The first time, just place your puppy on the table, run your hands over his head and down his back. Now tell him what a good boy he is and give him a couple of treats. That is enough for the first time.

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My Lovely Pups Shop

It has never bee easier and convenient for you to show your dog loving side and personality or to give a great and unique gift to your dog loving friends. Show your uniqueness with this cool designs from My Lovely Pups printed on high quality products. My Lovely Pups strives to offer the best dog gifts for all dog lovers and their dogs.

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Tips for Obedience Training of a Dog

For most pet owners, they feel as though obedience training is essential when trying to form a healthy and solid relationship with their canine. However, most dog owners aren't even aware of what really is it and why it is important. Further, most dog owners don't even know the first steps of obedience training of a dog. Below, we'll delve into all of this starting with an explanation of obedience training and ending with tips for obedience training of a dog.

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New Puppy Tips - Getting Things Right Right Away

A new baby has arrived at your home and it is very sweet. If you have had dogs before, here are some good things to remember - if you have never had a dog, here are some good tips for you! Always remember that it is important to do things right from the start! So here it goes:

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Dealing with Puppy Behavior Problems the Right Way

Though you may be the type that absolutely adores puppies and enjoys lavishing them with attention, it's probably safe to say that you don't derive similar enjoyment when dealing with puppy behavior problems. I'm not talking about housebreaking issues (such as pooping in the wrong place), although these can be big problems too.

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Getting Over The Fear of Dogs

Maybe you were bitten by a dog as a child, or maybe there was a dog on your street that barked loudly at you when you walked by. For whatever reason, you find yourself among the population of folks who are afraid of dogs. Whether this fear was brought on as a child or an adult, it is a hard fear to deal with. There are dogs everywhere, and just like people, some dogs really are fear-worthy, while others are nearly saint-like in their temperaments.

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How to Include Your Dog in Holiday Festivities

The Holidays are a special time. Everyone has things that they look forward to as the season approaches, be it gifts, family gatherings, food, or all of the above. With more than enough holiday spirit and good cheer to go around, why should the furrier members of the family be excluded from this fun? Of course, in the current economic state, thriftiness is in your best interest, but that is no reason to exclude Shadow and Samson from the Holiday festivities. Here are a few fun, affordable ways to be your Pooch's secret Santa - or whoever - this year!

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