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Giant and Small Dog :: Great Dane and Chihuahua

Great Dane and Chihuahua

There is an amazing variety of dogs in the world and they come in all sizes and shapes. It is quite stunning to see the diversity which is there in one species of animal. Studies reveal that among all mammals, domestic dogs show the greatest range of body size among its different breeds.

We have dog sizes from the smallest dog breed, the Chihuahua with a weight range of 0.9 - 3.0 kg to giant dogs like the Great Dane with a weight range of 45 - 55 kg (100 - 120 lbs).

The dog size as an adult dog is an important factor to consider when choosing your puppy. Certain characteristics are shared by most big dogs, and other features are shared by small dogs.

One word of advice: Don't judge a dog by its size only. Some large dog breeds may thrive in apartments, while some small dogs aren't content as lap dogs. Read through our Dog Breed Profiles to learn more about each dog's size, health, behavior and more.

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