Herding Group

The herding group merely represents a sub-section of the working group: namely, those dogs that were bred and excelled at herding tasks (as opposed to other working tasks). Herding involves the skill of controlling, grouping and directing packs of other animals.

Herding dogs are well known for nipping, a strategy that they used for herding larger animals. Because nipping is quite annoying, owners would be well served to actively train against nipping. Still, instinct often prevails, so don't be surprised if dogs in the herding group nip at your guest's feet at dinner.

Herding dogs also tend to have higher than average barking tendencies, as this was another herding tool. Nonetheless, proper training can help minimize this negative trait. Well known herding dogs include the German Shepherd and the world famous Collie. Other herding dogs include the Briard, the Puli and the four breeds of Belgian Sheepdog.