Non-Sporting Group

The various breeds of the Non-Sporting group aren't as well defined as some of the others. Many of the dogs in this group have recognizable ancestors in the hound, terrier, sporting and even working groups. These dogs were all bred for their own purposes that really don't fall under any of the other breed categories (though in the case of the Poodle, the standard sized dog could actually be considered a sporting breed by most fanciers).

These dogs come in many different shapes and sizes and no real generalizations can be made about the Non-Sporting group. Dogs in this group tend to be medium-small and they include such well known breeds as the small but robust English bulldog that once was a bull baiter, the horse-loving Dalmatian that has assisted in war, hunting and fire fighting as well as the Poodle and the Boston Terrier.

The non-sporting group has some of the most popular breeds, which all make very lovable, intelligent pets.