Medium Sized Dog Breeds

Medium sized dog breeds may be a great choice for families who want a little bigger dog to play with the kids, but not so big that they present a danger. English Springer Spaniels, Standard Schnauzers, Beagles and Bulldogs are some well known examples.

An increase in size will also require an increase in exercise. Medium sized dogs need to be regularly walked to keep them healthy and happy. The bigger the dog the more they eat, so owners also need to keep the jump in food costs in mind.

While they don't bring along many of the health issues of larger dogs, they do bring many of the benefits, such as a toned down energy level. You can expect a medium sized dog to sit at your feet and enjoy your presence without being a bundle of energy. Still, they are very good athletes and hunters and enjoy some play time outside.

Below we have listed medium sized dog breeds between 45 - 56 cm (18 - 22 inches) in height and 18 - 27 kg (40 - 60 lbs) in weight.