Large Dog Breeds

Large dog breeds are some of the most special creatures in this world. These dogs are truly men's best friends because they have been helping human in many ways since many centuries ago. Some of the breeds do well in city environments and can still normally live in apartments, though they'll need some time outside, while others need lots of country space for exercise.

Large dogs can with some exceptions, e.g. German Shepherd Dog, Weimaraners, Rottweilers and the Doberman Pinscher, be extremely affectionate, which may explain why so many large dog breeds are on the AKC top ten favorites list of dog breeds.

Many of these dog breeds can sometimes be better for kids than smaller breeds because they normally have a more sociable temper, they are more playful and kind.

Large dog breeds are also great for service training and serve as assistance for handicapped and blind people because of their good temper, their size and strength and other different characteristics that make these dogs great for these tasks.

Some important things you might want to know about these type of dogs, is that they may demand a bigger budget because they need bigger amounts of food and stuff and also more energy from you because they need to exercise more, in order to keep the good shape and the appropriate health.

Are you looking for a large breed dog? You can start with these we have listed below, large dog breeds between 56 - 66 cm (22 - 26 inches) in height and 27 - 45 kg (60 - 100 lbs) in weight.