Puppy and Dog Names H

By My Lovely Pups

Here you have found one of the best lists of Puppy and Dog names beginning with "H". Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "H".

May We Suggest Names Like

  • Hannibal: General who crossed the Alps and defeated the Romans. Also the name of fictional serial killer Hannibal Lechter.
  • Hip Hop: Even if it's not your favourite kind of music, it still makes a cool dog name.
  • Hobbit: A cute little name, especially if your dog's a Lord of the Rings fans.

Ha - Hagan

Female NameHaVietnameseDelight
Female NameHa-neul  
Male NameHabenAfricanPride
Male NameHabibArabicBeloved one
Female NameHabibaArabicBeloved
Female NameHabika  
Male NameHabikiJapaneseEcho, sound
Male and Female NameHachiJapaneseWise leaf
Male NameHachiroJapaneseEighth son
Male NameHackettEnglishHooked nose
Female NameHadaSpanishNoble spirit
Male NameHadarHebrewSplendour
Female NameHadaraHebrewSplendour
Female NameHadassaHebrewMyrtle tree
Female NameHadassahHebrewMyrtle tree
Male NameHadden  
Female NameHaddieAmericanHome ruler
Male NameHadenEnglishValley with hay
Male NameHadesGreekSightless
Male and Female NameHadleyEnglishField of heather
Female NameHadriaGreekTown in northern Italy
Male NameHadrianLatinPerson from Hadria
Female NameHafWelshSummer
Female NameHafwenWelshSummer blessed
Male NameHaganGermanEnclosure

Hagar - Halden

Male and Female NameHagedis  
Male NameHagenGermanEnclosure
Male and Female NameHagrid  
Male NameHahnGermanA rooster
Female NameHaideSoanishOf noble skin
Male NameHaigEnglishEnclosure
Female NameHaileEnglishHay clearing or hay woods
Female NameHaileeEnglishHay clearing or hay woods
Female NameHaileyEnglishHay clearing or hay woods
Female NameHailieEnglishHay clearing or hay woods
Female NameHaimi  
Male NameHainesEnglishHawthorn tree
Male and Female NameHairy  
Female NameHaja  
Female NameHajarArabicVery hot afternoon
Male NameHajariSanskritCommander over 1000 soldiers
Female NameHajraArabicForm of Hagar
Male NameHakanTurkishEmperor
Male NameHakeemArabicWise or insightful
Male NameHalEnglishLeader of an army
Male and Female NameHalaArabicHalo around the moon
Male NameHaldenGermanSomeone who lives on a high slope

Haldir - Halfpint

Male and Female NameHaldir  
Female NameHaldisNorseWeapon of the goddess
Female NameHaleEnglishNook
Female NameHaleighEnglishHay clearing or hay woods
Female NameHaleigha  
Male NameHalenEnglishNook
Female NameHaleyEnglishHay clearing or hay woods
Male and Female NameHalf  
Male and Female NameHalfpint