Puppy and Dog Names V

By My Lovely Pups

If you are looking for an old Latin, Spanish, Italian, or Latin-American name for your puppy or dog, the letter "V" is a good place to start. Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "V".

Here is a Few Names That Could Be Interesting

  • Vamoose: A slang word meaning "leave quickly; leave hurriedly; make a speedy exit." From the Spanish word vamos, meaning "let's go."
  • Vega: English name derived from the Latin name of a star in the constellation Lyra, from Arabian al-Waqi, meaning "falling; swooping."
  • Vertigo: From the vocabulary word meaning "dizziness." Originally, the word meant "a whirling or spinning movement," from Latin vertere, meaning "to turn."

V.I.P. - Varda

V.I.P. - Valari

Female NameVacIndianWell spoken
Female NameVachIndianWell spoken
Male NameVachelFrenchLittle cow
Female NameVacunaLatin-AmericanVictory
Female NameVadaGermanSwedish ruler
Male NameVaddenIsraelHebrew
Male NameVadimRussianA powerful ruler
Male NameVadinSanskritSpeaker, known lecturer
Male NameVagnIcelandicA carriage
Male NameVaheArmenianBest, shield
Male NameVaibhavSanskritGrandeur
Male and Female NameVailEnglishValley, usually with a stream [English surname. A skiing town in Colorado, U.S.]
Male NameVailFrenchFrom the vale
Male NameVairajaIndianSon of Virat
Female NameVaisakhi  
Female NameVaishali  
Male NameVajraSanskritThunderbolt and diamond [Vajra was the son of Aniruddha and great grandson of Shri Krishna.]
Male NameValEnglishStrong [Variant of Valentinus; the name of more than 50 saints and three Roman emperors.]
Male and Female NameValFrenchPower
Female NameValaGermanSingled out
Female NameValariLatin-AmericanBrave

Valarie - Valisa

Female NameValarieLatinTo be healthy, strong
Female NameValborgScandinavianProtector on the battlefield [Form of Old High German Walburg.]
Female NameValdaNorwegianSpirited ruler
Male NameValdemar Scandinavian Famous ruler
Male and Female NameValdezSpanishFrom the place name in Alaska
Male and Female NameValean  
Female NameValenciaSpainHealthy and strong
Male NameValenteItalianStrong [Variant of Valentinus; the name of more than 50 saints and three Roman emperors.]
Male NameValentinLatinHealthy, strong [Variant of Valentine.]
Female NameValentinaLatinHealthy, strong
Male and Female NameValentineLatinStrong [Variant of Valentinus; the name of more than 50 saints and three Roman emperors.]
Male NameValentinoItalianBrave or strong
Male NameValeray  
Female NameValeriaLatinTo be healthy, strong
Male NameValerianLatinTo be healthy, strong
Female NameValerieEnglishTo be healthy, strong
Female NameValeriyRussianHealthy, of good cheer
Female NameValeskaSlavicGlorious
Male NameValfridSwedishStrong peace
Female NameValgerdNorwegianRuling protection
Male NameValiOld NorseSon of Odin
Male and Female NameValiantEnglishBrave
Male NameValinSanskritMonkey king
Male and Female NameValintina  
Female NameValisa  

Valko - Van Zandt

Male NameValkoWolfBulgarian
Male NameValkoinenFinnishWhite
Male and Female NameValkyrieOld NorseChooser of the slain [Mythological name.]
Female NameVallariIndianGoddess
Female NameVallerieEnglishStrength
Female NameValleyAmericanBetween the mountains
Female NameValley GirlAmericanGirl from between the mountains
Male NameVallisFrenchFrom Wales
Male NameValloisFrenchA Welshman
Female NameValloniaLatinShallow valley [A variant of Valonia.]
Female NameValoniaLatinShallow valley
Female NameValoraLatinTo be healthy, strong
Male NameValterSwedishForm of Walter
Male and Female NameVamooseEnglishLeave quickly [English slang word from the Spanish word vamos, meaning "let's go."]
Male and Female NameVanDutchFrom the family of [Equivalent of "de" in French and "of" in English, van, van den (of, of the).]
Male NameVan AkenDutchFrom Aachen
N/AVan Damme  
Male NameVan HelsingDutchCreated name in Bram Stoker's Dracula. "Helsing" is existing in Finland, it could mean "from Helsinki."
N/AVan Gogh  
N/AVan Helsing  
Male NameVan NessDutchFrom the headland
N/AVan Pelt  
N/AVan Zandt  

Vana - Varda

Female NameVanaSpanishChild of god princess
Male NameVanceEnglishDweller of a bog
Female NameVandanaSanskritWorship
Male NameVandenbergDutchFrom the hill
Male NameVanderbiltDutchFrom the hill
Male NameVanderpoolDutchFrom the pool
Male NameVanditSanskritWho is saluted
Female NameVanditaSanskritSaluted
Female NameVanesaSpanishButterfly [Variant of Vanessa.]
Female NameVanessaGreeceButterfly
Female NameVangieGreekMessenger of good news [Short form of Evangeline.]
Male and Female NameVanhiSanskritFire
Female NameVanidaThaiGirl
Male and Female NameVanilla  
Female NameVanjan  
Female NameVannaCambodianGolden coloured [Also a nickname for the names Vanessa or Giovanna.]
Female NameVanora  
Female NameVanyaSlavicGracious
Female NameVaraliSanskritMoon
Female NameVaranaSanskritEnclosing
Female NameVaranese  
Female NameVardaHebrewRose