Siberian Husky Puppy and Dog Names

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Siberian Husky Puppy and Dog Names
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Siberian Husky Puppy and Dog Name Suggestions

The most popular names for a Siberian Husky have a trend to have something with their behaviour, how they look and the very Nordic in the world, for example Eskimos, Snow, Alaska, Siberia, etc. Many names are short and easy recognisable by humans as well as dogs. Other names are unique and some of these are short and others quite long and hard to pronounce.

What matters when you choose a name for your Siberian Husky is that both you and your Husky are happy with the name. After all, it will be used hundred of times a week.

We have carefully selected a long list of name suggestions for your Siberian Husky. These are real Husky names that people have named their Siberian Huskies and we hope you will find just the right name for your new friend.

Aahan - Crimson

Aahan - Apollo

Male NameAahanIndianDawn
Male NameAaronHebrewEnlightened
Female NameAbbyHebrewFather in rejoicing [Diminutive of Abigail]
Male NameAbhaySanskritWithout fear
Female NameAiyanaInuitFlowering bloom
Male NameAkino  
Female NameAkira Intelligent
Female NameAlaska  
Female NameAlasuq  
Female NameAleera  
Male and Female NameAlpine  
Male NameAlue  
Female NameAlusia [Pronounced "Aloosha"]
Male and Female NameAmaniSwahiliHarmony or peace
Male NameAmouraq Wolf sounding name
Male NameAndimar Smooth, strong male Husky name
Male NameAndrej  
Female NameAneko  
Female NameAnouk  
Male and Female NameAnu  
Male and Female NameAnubis  
Male and Female NameApache  

Archer - Balto

Male NameArcher Hunter with arrows
Male NameArchie  
Male NameAri  
Male NameAron  
Male NameArtic  
Female NameArtica  
Male NameArtyom  
Female NameAru Smart, strong, born leader
Female NameAsha  
Female NameAshka  
Female NameAsia  
Male NameAspen  
Female NameAtiya  
Male NameAtka Special gift
Female NameAura  
Female NameAurora Aurora Borealis [the northern lights]
Male NameAvalanche  
Female NameAvi  
Female NameAyka  
Male and Female NameBabyAmericanBaby
Male and Female NameBacchusGreekTo shout
Female NameBaileeEnglishBalliff
Male NameBaileyEnglishBalliff
Male NameBaleFrisianBold
Male NameBalto  

Bandit - Caedmon

Male and Female NameBandit  
Female NameBaylie  
Male NameBear  
Male NameBeau  
Female NameBella  
Male NameBen  
Male NameBlack Ice  
Male NameBlade  
Male NameBlaze  
Male and Female NameBlitzen  
Male NameBlizzard  
Male NameBlu  
N/ABois Sauvage Bois means timber and sauvage means wolf in French.
Male NameBorealis Aurora Borealis [the northern lights]
Male NameBoris  
Male NameBranco  
Male and Female NameBreeze  
Male NameBronco  
Male NameBruno  
Male and Female NameBuddy  
Male NameBuster  
Male and Female NameButter Ball  
Male NameCaedmonGaelicWise warrior

Caesar - Crimson

Male NameCaesarLatin 
Male NameCainHebrewA spear
Male and Female NameCaineEnglishReed, cane
Female NameCalaskin Keeper of the little one
Female NameCari  
Male NameCasey  
Female NameCassie  
Male NameCena  
Male NameChamp  
Male and Female NameChaos  
N/AChapa Ai  
Female NameChateau [Pronounced "Shah-Toe"]
Male and Female NameChava  
Male NameCherokee  
Male NameCheveyo Spirit Warrior. [Pronounced "Chee-veh-yo"]
Male and Female NameCheyenne  
Male and Female NameChronos  
Female NameChylo [Pronounced "Shilo"]
Female NameChyna  
Male and Female NameCloud  
Male NameCody  
Male NameComet  
Male NameCopper  
Male NameCrimson