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Puppy and Dog Names A
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By My Lovely Pups

Welcome to My Lovely Pups Puppy and Dog Names section. If you are looking for puppy and/or dog names for your new friend, you have come to the right place. Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "A".

Here Are Some Names Worth Considering

  • Adam Ant: A cute name for a little guy, from the 70's pop singer of Adam and The Ants.
  • Almondine: After the sweet dog in the excellent book, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.
  • Azumah: Azumah Nelson was a boxing world champion. Perfect name for a Boxer then.

A Cappella - Adamina

A Cappella - Abella

N/AA Cappella  
Male NameA.J.  
Female NameAadiSanskritFirst, beginning, initial
Male NameAakarshanHinduAttraction
Female NameAaliyahArabicLofty, sublime, exalted
Male NameAaronHebrewEnlightened
Female NameAasia  
Male NameAbaHebrewFather or grandfather
Female NameAbagailHebrewFather in rejoicing
Male NameAbahuAramicThe Lord is my father
Female NameAbbaAfricaBorn on Thursday
Female NameAbbaAramicFather
Female NameAbbeyHebrewFather in rejoicing
Female NameAbbieHebrewFather in rejoicing
Female NameAbbigailHebrewFather in rejoicing
Female NameAbbra  
Female NameAbbyHebrewDiminutive of Abigail
Male NameAbdieso  
Male NameAbeHebrewDiminutive of Abraham
Male NameAbejundioSpanishBee
Male NameAbelHebrewBreath
Male NameAbelard  
Female NameAbella  

Abeni - Abner

Female NameAbeniAfricanWe asked for this child, now she is ours
Male NameAbenzio  
Male NameAbercrombie  
Male NameAbeyNative AmericanLeaf
Female NameAbhaSanskritSplendour
Male NameAbhaySanskritWithout fear
Male NameAbhiSanskritFearless
Male NameAbhijitSanskritVictorious
Female NameAbigailHebrewFather in rejoicing
Female NameAbhilashaSanskritDesire, wish
Male NameAbhinaySanskritYoung
Male NameAbhishekSanskritInstalled as king
Female NameAbiba  
Female NameAbieHebrewFather in rejoicing
Female NameAbigailHebrewFather in rejoicing
Female NameAbigaleHebrewFather in rejoicing
Female NameAbigayleHebrewFather in rejoicing
Male and Female NameAbihuHebrewHe is my father
Male NameAbijahHebrewThe Lord is my father
Female NameAbinaHebrewFather
Female NameAbionaAfricanBorn during a trip
Female NameAbiraHebrewStrong
Male NameAbleHebrewExhalation of breath
Male NameAbnerHebrewThe father is a light

Aboo - Acelin

Male and Female NameAboo  
Female NameAbraHebrewFather of a multitude or many nations
Female NameAbrahamHebrewFather of a multitude or many nations
Female NameAbramHebrewFather of a multitude or many nations
Male NameAbrasha  
Female NameAbriannaAmerican English"A" combined with "Brianna"
Female NameAbrilLatinOpen
Male and Female NameAbster  
Male NameAbuArabicFather
Male NameAbudemio  
Male NameAbundiantus  
Female NameAcaciaGreekPoint
Female NameAcacioGreekPoint
Female NameAcadiaFrench 
Female NameAcanit  
Female NameAcanthaGreekThorn
Male NameAcario  
Female NameAcccaliaGreek 
Male NameAccursius  
Male and Female NameAcDc  
Male NameAceLatinOne, one unit
Female NameAcedia  
Female NameAcelinFrenchNoble

Achak - Adamina

Male and Female NameAchak  
Female NameAchalSanskritThe immovable one
Male NameAchaziaHebrewGod holds
Female NameAchenUgandaTwin
Male NameAchillesGreekLipless
Female NameAchit  
Female NameAchlys  
Male NameAchyutaSanskritFirm, immovable, imperishable
Male and Female NameAckleyEnglishDivision of land, field
Male and Female NameAcrobat  
Male NameActonEnglishOak town
Male NameAcuzio  
N/AAd Lib  
Female NameAdaGermanicNobel kind
Female NameAdahHebrewAdornment
Male NameAdairGaelicOak grove
Male NameAdalardoIrishNoble
Male NameAdalbertoGermanicNobly bright
Female NameAdalgisaGermanicNoble pledge
Male NameAdalgisoGermanicNoble hostage
Male NameAdalrico  
Male NameAdamHebrewMan, earth, to be red
Male NameAdam Ant  
Female NameAdaminaHebrewMan

By My Lovely Pups

Puppy and dog names starting with the letter A continue.

Adamma - Amazon

Adamma - Ademia

Female NameAdammaAfricanBeautiful girl
Male NameAdanHebrewMan
N/AAddieGermanicNobel kind
N/AAddisonEnglishSon of Adam
Female NameAddisyn  
Male NameAddo  
Female NameAdeAfricanPeak, pinnacle, royal
Female NameAdebenAfricanThe twelfth born
Female NameAdelaGermanicNoble
Female NameAdelaideGermanicNoble kind
Male NameAdelaisGermanicNoble kind
Male NameAdelbertGermanicNoble bright
Female NameAdeleGermanicNoble
Male NameAdelfriedGermanicNoble protector of the peace
Male and Female NameAdelheidGermanicNoble kind
Female NameAdelinaGermanicNoble kind
Female NameAdelineGermanicNoble
Male NameAdelino  
Female NameAdelleGermanicNoble
Male NameAdelmoGermanicNoble protector
Male and Female NameAdelor  
Male NameAdelphos  
Male NameAdem  
Male NameAdemaro  
Female NameAdemia  

Aden - Adoc

Male NameAdenGaelicLittle fire
Female NameAdenaHebrewSlender
Female NameAdeolaAfricanThe crown has virtue and respect
Female NameAderes  
Female NameAdesinaAfricanShe opens the way
Female NameAdhiraIndianRestless, impatient
Female NameAdiaAfricanBeing a gift
Female NameAdianaAmerican English 
Female NameAdie  
Male NameAdielHebrewAdornment of the Lord
Female NameAdilaArabicJustice
Female NameAdileneGermanNoble one
Female NameAdinHebrewSlender
Female NameAdinaHebrewSlender
Male NameAdiran  
Female NameAdishreeSanskritExalted dignity
Female NameAditiSanskritBoundless
Male NameAdityaSanskritBelonging to Aditi
Male NameAdlerGermanEagle
Male NameAdleyEnglishSon of Adam
Male NameAdliArabicRighteous
Male NameAdmes  
Male NameAdmonHebrewRed
Male and Female NameAdoc  

Adolfina - Amazon

Female NameAdolfinaEnglishNoble wolf
Male NameAdolfoEnglishNoble wolf
Male NameAdolphEnglishNoble wolf
Female NameAdolpha  
Male NameAdonHebrewMaster
Female NameAdona  
Male NameAdrian  
Female NameAdriana  
Female NameAgatha  
Female NameAgrippa  
Female NameAida  
Male NameAiden  
Female NameAmazon Tall, strong woman