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Puppy and Dog Names O
Okoth - Omri
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By My Lovely Pups

Under the letter "O" you will find many old and interesting names for your new friend. Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "O".

May We Come With Some Suggestions

  • Obama: Is an African word meaning "a baby born with a bent arm or leg." Also the name of USA's 44th President, Barack Obama.
  • Ocean: English unisex name derived from the vocabulary word, from Latin oceanus, from Greek okeanos, meaning "ocean."
  • Ogden: English habitational surname transferred to forename use, composed of the Old English elements ac "oak" and denu "valley," hence "oak valley."

007 - Okolo

007 - Octavio

Male and Female NameOakesEnglishDweller by the Oak tree
Male NameOakleyEnglishFrom the oak meadow
Female NameOanez  
Male and Female NameOatmeal  
Male NameObaAfrican (Nigeria)King
Male NameObadiahHebrewServant of Yahweh
Male and Female NameObamaAfricanSlightly bent [From a rare Luo (Kenyan) name, meaning a baby born with bent arm or leg or possibly a breech birth.]
Male and Female NameObedienceEnglishThe quality of being obedient
Female NameObeliaGreekNeedle
Male NameObelix  
Male and Female NameOberonGermanNoble bear
Male NameObertFrenchNoble bright
Male NameObiajulu  
Male and Female NameObie  
Male NameObiomaAfrican (Nigeria)Kind hearted
Male and Female NameObsidian  
Male NameOcchaveSanskritFestive occasion
Female NameOceanGreekOcean
Female NameOceanaGreekOcean
Male and Female NameOcheckkaNative American (Winnebago Tribe)Four legs
Male NameOchen  
Female NameOctaviaLatinEighth
Male NameOctavioLatinEighth

Octavian - Odet

Male NameOctavianLatinEighth
Male NameOctaviusLatinEighth
Male and Female NameOctoberAmericanBorn in October [October means "eighth month", as it was originally the eighth month on the ancient Roman calendar.]
Female NameOdaGermanicWealth
Female NameOdaJapaneseGreat field
Male and Female NameOda Mae  
Male NameOdakotaNative American (Sioux)Friend
Female NameOdalisGermanicWealth
Female NameOdalysGermanicWealth
Male and Female NameOdd  
Male and Female NameOddessy  
Male and Female NameOddity  
Male and Female NameOddvar  
Female NameOdea  
Male NameOdedHebrewTo encourage
Female NameOdedaHebrewTo encourage
Female NameOdeleGermanWealth [Form of Odile.]
Male NameOdellEnglishFrom the woad hill
Female NameOdelyaHebrewI will thank God
Male NameOdenSwedishInspiration, rage, frenzy [Swedish form of Odin.]
Female NameOderaHebrewPlough
Female NameOdessaUkrainianLong journey [From the word Odyssey.]
Male and Female NameOdet  

Odetta - Oh Boy

Female NameOdettaGermanicWealth
Female NameOdetteGermanicWealth
Male and Female NameOdieEnglishWoad hill
Male and Female NameOdiesEnglishWoad hill
Male NameOdil  
Female NameOdileFrenchRich, wealthy
Male NameOdinOld Norse MythologyInspiration, rage, frenzy
Female NameOdinaGermanicMountain [Odina is a derivative of the German Ute.]
Female NameOdinaNative American (Algonquian)Mountain
Male NameOdionAfricanEldest of twins
Male NameOdoEnglishRich, wealthy
Male NameOdonEnglishProsperous protection
Male and Female NameOdy  
Male NameOdysseusGreekFull of wrath
Male NameOdön  
Female NameOfiraHebrewGold
Male NameOgdenEnglishFrom the Oak valley
Male NameOgenHebrewAnchor
Male NameOgimaNative American (Ojibwa Tribe)Chief
Male and Female NameOggnob  
Male NameOgilvy  
Male and Female NameOgua  
Male and Female NameOguz  
N/AOh Boy  

O'hara - Okolo

Male and Female NameOhana  
Male NameOhanzeeNative American (Sioux Tribe)Shadow
Female NameOhelaHebrewTent
Male and Female NameOhioNative AmericanLarge river
Male and Female NameOhtliAztec (Nahuatl)Road
Female NameOihaneSpanish (Basque)From the forest
Male NameOisinAboriginalDeer
Male NameOistinIrishVenerable [Form of Austin.]
Male and Female NameOj  
Male and Female NameOjaiNative American (Chumash Tribe)Moon
Female NameOjalSanskritVision
Male NameOjasSanskritStrong one
Male and Female NameOjoAfricanA troubled birth
Male and Female NameOkalAfricanTo cross
Female NameOkalaniPolynesian/HawaiianFrom heaven
Male NameOkanTurkish 
Male and Female NameOkePolynesian/HawaiianDeer lover
Female NameOkelani  
Male and Female NameOkenaNative American (Blackfoot Tribe)Water chief
Male and Female NameOkey  
Female NameOkiJapaneseOpen sea
Male and Female NameOklahomaNative American (Choctaw Tribe)Red people
Male and Female NameOkolo