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There are some terrific Puppy and Dog names beginnings with the letter "T". Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "T".

Maybe You Would Like Names Like

  • Tallulah: Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Tuilelaith, meaning "princess of abundance," and also a Native American Choctaw name meaning "leaping water." Nightclub singer played by a young Jodie Foster in the kids gangster spoof, Bugsy Mallone.
  • Tangerine: From the vocabulary word meaning 1) a Southeast Asian fruit; 2) reddish-orange in colour. A fruity name for your reddish-orange puppy or dog, maybe a Pomeranian.
  • Tango: Do you have a dancing dog? "Tango" is the name of the Latin American dance, the name itself is originally the name of an African-American drum dance.

T-Bone - Tale

T-Bone - Tacy

Male and Female NameT-Bone  
Male NameTaariqArabicMorning star
Male NameTabAmericanCreated name
Male NameTabanArabicResplendent, shining
Male and Female NameTabananicaNative American (Comanche Tribe)Hears the sunrise
Male NameTabansi  
Male NameTabari  
Female NameTabathaAramicGazelle
Male and Female NameTabbie  
Male NameTaberHungarianCamp
Female NameTabithaAramicGazelle
Female NameTablitaNative American (Hopi Tribe)Tiara
Male and Female NameTaboo  
Male and Female NameTaborHebrewPinnacle, height
Female NameTaborri  
Male and Female NameTac  
Male NameTaceyEnglishFruitful [Diminutive Form Of Eustacia.]
Female NameTaciLatinSilent
Female NameTacincala  
Female NameTacitaLatinSilent
Male and Female NameTaco  
N/ATaco Bell  
Male and Female NameTacoma  
Male and Female NameTacyEnglishFruitful [English surname. Diminutive form of Eustacia.]

Tad - Tahsin

Male NameTadGaelicPoet
Female NameTadako  
Male NameTadc  
Male NameTaddeoAramaicUncertain, perhaps praised or heart
Male NameTadeleshAfricanLucky
Male NameTadeoSpanishPraise [Spanish form of Thaddeus.]
Female NameTadewiNative American (Omaha Tribe)Wind woman
Male NameTadhgGaelicPoet, philosopher
Female NameTaditaNative American (Omaha Tribe)Runner
Male NameTafariAfrican (Ethiopia)He who inspires Awe
Female NameTafariahAfrican (Ethiopia)She who inspires Awe [Female form of the name TAFARI.]
Female NameTaffyWelshBelowed
Male NameTaggartScottishSon of the priest
Male NameTahanHebrewMerciful
Male and Female NameTahigwaNative American (Cherokee Tribe)At peace
Male NameTahirArabicVirtuous
Female NameTahiraArabicPure
Female NameTahirahArabicPure
Female NameTahiyaSwahiliSecurity
Male NameTahjSanskritCrown
Female NameTahliaHebrewDew of God
Male NameTahmoresPersianSturdy Fox Weasel
Male NameTahsinArabicAdornment

Tai - Taka

Male and Female NameTaiChineseBig [Also meaning "Person From Thailand."]
Male NameTai YangChineseSun
Male NameTaichiiJapaneseThick, big, one
Male and Female NameTaifaArabicNation, tribe, princedom
Female NameTaigiNative American (Omaha Tribe)New woman returns
Male NameTaijoJapaneseLarge tree
Male NameTaikoJapaneseLarge, great, radiance, shine
Female NameTailynnAmericanCombination of Tai and Lynn
Male and Female NameTaimaNative AmericanThunder crash
Female NameTainaLatin 
Female NameTainiNative American (Omaha Tribe)Returning moon
Female NameTainn  
Male NameTaiomahNative American (Sac and Fox Nation)Bear whose voice makes the rocks tremble
Female NameTaipaNative American (Miwok Tribe)Wingspan
Male and Female NameTaipei  
Female NameTaisaGreekUncertain, perhaps headband
Male and Female NameTaisceIrishTreasure [Modern Irish name, pronounced tash-ka.]
Female NameTaisiyaRussianEgyptian Goddess Name
Male and Female NameTaitOld NorseCheerful, happy
Male and Female NameTaite  
Male NameTajSanskritCrown
Female NameTajaSanskritCrown
Male NameTajo  
Female NameTajsa  
Female NameTakaJapaneseDutiful

Takahiro - Tale

Male NameTakahiroJapaneseValuable, noble, filial piety
Male NameTakai  
Female NameTakakoJapaneseNoble child
Female NameTakalaNative AmericanCorn tassel
Female NameTakaraJapaneseTreasure
Male NameTakashiJapaneseProsperous, noble
Male NameTakashiaJapaneseNoble, dignified, honour
Male NameTakatoJapaneseExalted, precious measure of exltation
Male NameTakehikoJapaneseMilitary, bamboo, boy, prince
Male NameTakeshiJapaneseMilitary, warrior
Female NameTakiyahArabicGod-fearing, pious
Female NameTakodaNative American (Sioux Tribe)Friend to everyone
Male NameTaksaSanskritCutting through
Male NameTaksony  
Male NameTaku  
Male NameTakumaJapaneseExpand, open, pioneer, real, true
Male NameTakumiJapaneseArtisan, skilled
Male NameTakuyaJapaneseTo increasingly cultivate
Male and Female NameTalHebrewDew
Female NameTalaItalianChrist's birthday
Female NameTalaithWelshCrown
Male NameTalanWelshForehead
Male and Female NameTalasiNative AmericanCornflower
Male NameTalbotEnglishMessenger of destruction
Female NameTaleEgyptianGreen