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We have found some very cute and funny Puppy and Dog names beginning with the letter "Y" for you. Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "Y".

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  • Yaa: Is of African-Akan origin, primarily used in Akan and Ewe, the meaning of the name is "girl born on Thursday." Yaa is a form of the Ewe and Twi name "Yawa".
  • Yapper: Yapper could be a suitable name for a smaller barking, or yapping, puppy or dog. From the vocabulary word meaning "one that barks sharply, shrilly; a yelper." Alternative names: Yappy or Yapsi.
  • Yaretzi: An Aztec name of Nahuatl or Mayan origin. The meaning of the name is "You will always be loved". A cute and lovely name for a lovely little girl pup or dog.

Yaa - Yashaskar

Yaa - Yahto

Female NameYaaAfrican (Akan and Ewe)Girl born on Thursday
Male NameYaakovHebrewSupplanter
Male NameYaalHebrewHe will ascend
Female NameYachiJapaneseEight thousand
Female NameYachneHebrewGod is gracious
Male NameYacoubArabicArabic form of Jacob
Male and Female NameYadavalli  
Male and Female NameYadgirl  
Male NameYadidHebrewBelowed
Male NameYadiel  
Female NameYadiraArabicWorthy, suitable
Male NameYadonHebrewHe will judge
Female NameYadraSpanishMother
Male NameYaegerGermanChase, hunt
Male NameYaelHebrewStrength of God
Female NameYafaHebrewBeautiful, pretty
Male and Female NameYagers  
Male NameYagoHebrewSupplanter
Male NameYagilHebrewHe will rejoice
Male and Female NameYagmurTurkishRain
Female NameYahairaSpanishTo light, to shine
Male NameYahirSpanishHandsome
Male NameYaholoNative AmericanOne who yells
Male NameYahtoNative American (Sioux Tribe)The colour blue

Yair - Yan

Male NameYairHebrewHe will enlighten
Female NameYajaira  
Male NameYakecanNative American (Dene Tribe)Sky, song
Male and Female NameYakky  
Male NameYakovHebrewSupplanter
Female NameYaksa  
Male and Female NameYalamanchi  
Male NameYaleWelshFrom the slope land
Male NameYamaJapaneseMountain
Female NameYamaSanskritRestrainer
Male NameYamalSanskritOne of a twin
Male NameYamanAfricanProper name
Male and Female NameYamcha  
Female NameYamhaArabicDove
Female NameYamiletArabicBeautiful
Female NameYamilexArabicBeautiful
Female NameYaminHebrewRight hand
Female NameYaminiSanskritNight
Female NameYaminichandraSanskritNight moon
Male NameYamirSanskritMoon
Male and Female NameYampartiAboriginalSweet
Female NameYamunaSanskritA sacred river
Female NameYamura  
Female NameYanChinesePretty colours / swallow bird

Yana - Yara

Female NameYanaHebrewHe answers
Male and Female NameYanamandra  
Male and Female NameYancyAmericanCreated name [Created by F. Scott Fitzgerald for his short story "The Popular Girl" published in 1922. Possibly a play on the word "Yankee," which was a colloquial term for "Northerner" in the U.S. during the Civil War.]
Female NameYanenowiNative American (Seneca Tribe)She guards the corn
Male and Female NameYangChineseThe sun
Female NameYaniAustralianPeace
Female NameYanichelHebrewGift of God
Female NameYaniraEnglish 
Male NameYanisinNative American (Navajo)Ashamed
Male and Female NameYankNative AmericanU.S. Northerner [Diminutive of the word Yankee, a colloquial term given to Northerners in the U.S. Civil War.]
Female NameYankaSlavicGod is good
Male and Female NameYankeeNative AmericanU.S. Northerner [Fabled to be a Native American pronunciation of the Dutch word "Engles," which means English (referring to English settlers in New England).]
Male and Female NameYankee PoodleAmericanCreated Poodle name
Male NameYanniGreekGod is gracious [Form of John]
Male NameYannickHebrewGod is gracious
Male NameYannisGreekGod is gracious [Greek form of John]
Male and Female NameYantseNative American (Tewa Tribe)Yellow willow
Male and Female NameYaotlAztec (Nahuatl)Warrior
Female NameYapanyAboriginalBig sister
Male NameYaphetHebrewHandsome
Male and Female NameYapperEnglishOne that barks sharply, shrilly; a yelper
Male and Female NameYappy  
Male and Female NameYapsi  
Female NameYaraAboriginalSeagull

Yara - Yashaskar

Female NameYaraArabicSmall butterfly
Female NameYaravi  
Male NameYardanHebrewTo flow down [The river Jordan]
Male NameYardleyEnglishEnclosed grassland
Female NameYaretziAztec (Nahuatl)You will always be loved
Male NameYarinHebrewHe will sing
Female NameYaritzaBrazilianWater lady
Female NameYaritzaPortugeseSmall butterfly
Female NameYarkonaHebrewGreen
Male and Female NameYarlagadda  
Female NameYarmillaSlavicMerchant, trader
Male NameYaroAfricanSon
Male NameYaronHebrewHe will sing
Male NameYaroslavRussianBright fame
Male NameYarranAboriginalAcacia tree
Female NameYasArabicJasmine flower [Short form of the name Yasmin]
Male NameYasNative American (Navajo)Snow
Male NameYaseenArabicChief
Male NameYasenBulgarianAsh tree
Male NameYasarAfricanEase wealth
Male NameYaserArabicEasy, smooth
Male NameYashSanskritGlory, fame
Male NameYashaRussianDefends man
Male NameYashasIndianFame
Male NameYashaskarIndianCelebrated