Puppy and Dog Names Z

By My Lovely Pups

There are more great names for your puppy or dog that starts with the letter "Z" than first meets the eye. Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "Z".

We Would Like to Suggest…

  • Zanzibar: Named after the region in eastern Africa, which probably is from Persian Zangi-bar, meaning "coast of the blacks."
  • Zen: One definition of Zen is "a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind." Your new puppy will totally focus his or her body and mind on making you very happy.
  • Zeppelin: From German Zeppelin, itself a short form of Zeppelinschiff, "Zeppelin ship," which was named after Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the German general who perfected the design. A good name for extra plump dogs who somewhat resemble a blimp.

Zaafir - Zanobi

Zaafir - Zafer

Male NameZaafirAfricanVictorious [Derived from Zafir.]
Male NameZaahirAfricanBright shining elevated
Female NameZabbyEnglishGod is my oath [Diminutive form of the name Elizabeth.]
Female NameZabelSpanishGod is my oath [Short form of the name Isabel.]
Female NameZabia  
Female NameZabrinaGaelicA Welsh river name
Male NameZabulonHebrewTo exhalt, honor
Male NameZacchaeusGreekPure
Male NameZaccheusHebrewPure, clear, bright
Male NameZaccurHebrewMindful
Male NameZachHebrewGod has remembered
Male and Female NameZachareeHebrewGod has remembered
Male NameZachariahHebrew God has remembered
Male NameZacharyHebrewGod has remembered
Male NameZacheryHebrewGod has remembered
Male NameZackHebrewGod has remembered
Male NameZackaryHebrewGod has remembered
Male NameZackeryHebrewGod has remembered
Male NameZadPersianSon
Female NameZadaPersianProsperous, fortunate
Male NameZadokHebrewJust, righteous
Male NameZádor  
Male NameZafarAfricanAchievement
Male NameZaferArabicPlaces first in a contest

Zaffle - Zain

Male and Female NameZaffle  
Female NameZafinaArabicVictorious
Male NameZafirArabicVictorious
Female NameZafirahArabicTriumphant, successful
Male NameZagger  
Female NameZagirArabicA flower
Female NameZagiriArmenianFlower
Male NameZágon  
Female NameZagros  
Male NameZaharArabicShine, sparkle, bloom
Female NameZaharHebrewMorning light
Female NameZaharaArabicFlower; most exquisite
Male and Female NameZahariBulgarianGod has remembered [Primarily a male name in Bulgaria, a form of Zachary.]
Female NameZahavahHebrewGolden one
Male NameZahiArabicGlowing, fair
Male NameZahinArabicIngenious
Female NameZahinaArabicIntelligent
Female NameZahraArabicBright, fair
Female NameZahrahArabicFlower, blossom [Often confused with Zahra.]
Male NameZahurArabicBlossom
Male NameZaidArabicIncrease, growth
Female NameZaidaArabicFortunate one
Male NameZaideArabicElder
Female NameZailaArabicMight, power
Male NameZainArabicHandsome

Zaina - Zambda

Female NameZainaArabicBeautiful
Female NameZairaArabicRose
Male and Female NameZaireAfrican (Kikongo)River, from Zaire
Male and Female NameZajacPolishRabbit [Polish surname.]
Male NameZajzonHungarian 
Male NameZakEnglishDerived from Zachariah and Zachary
Male NameZakHebrewDiminutive of Zachariah: The Lord has remembered, and of Isaac: He laughs. Laughter. The only son born to Abraham and his wife Sarah (in the Old Testament).
Male NameZakaiHebrewBright, pure
Male NameZakaryHebrewGod has remembered
Male NameZakiHebrewBright, pure
Female NameZakiaHebrewBright, pure
Male NameZakiyaHebrewBright, pure
Female NameZakuroJapanesePomegranate
Male NameZalán  
Male and Female NameZaleGreekBold
Female NameZaliAustralianSpecial
Female NameZaliPolishPrincess [Form of Sara.]
Female NameZaliaHebrew 
Female NameZalikaArabicWondrously beautiful
Female NameZalikaSwahiliWell-born
Male NameZalmaiAfghanYoung
Male NameZalmanHebrewPeaceful
Female NameZaltanaNative AmericanHigh mountain
Female NameZama  
Female NameZambda  

Zamir - Zanobi

Male NameZamirHebrewSong bird
Female NameZamiraArabicConscientious
Female NameZamoraHebrewPraised
Female NameZamoraSpanishFrom the city Zamora
Male and Female NameZanChineseSupport, favour
Male NameZanHebrewNourished, fed
Male NameZanSlavicMan's defender
Female NameZandeleighAmericanCombination of Zander and Leigh
Female NameZanaHebrewLily
Male NameZanderGreekDefender of the People [Form of Alexander.]
Female NameZandraGreekDefending men [Diminutive of the name Alexandra.]
Male and Female NameZaneArabicBeloved
Male NameZaneHebrewGift from God
Male NameZanebonoItalianThe good one
Female NameZanetaSpanishGod is gracious
Male NameZaniHebrewGift from God
Male and Female NameZanielLatin-AmericanAngel of Mondays
Male NameZanipoloItalianLittle gift of God
Female NameZanitaSpanishGods gift
Female NameZaniyahAztec (Nahuatl)Forever, always
Female NameZanitaSpanishSmall apple
Female NameZankhana  
Male NameZann  
Female NameZannaHebrewLilly
Male NameZanobi