Puppy and Dog Names E

By My Lovely Pups

You have the best Puppy and Dog names at your fingertips. Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "E".

See If Any of These Names Work For You

  • Eartha: Borrowed from singer Eartha Kitt, this "earthy" name is great for a brown dog.
  • Eggnogg: Sweet name with a nice Christmassy feel.
  • Elly May: After the animal-loving Elly May Clampett from The Beverley Hillbillies.

8-Ball - Ebby

Male and Female Name8-Ball  
Male and Female NameE.L.  
Male and Female NameE.T.  
Male and Female NameE2  
Female NameEa  
Male NameEamonEnglishProsperous protection
Male NameEan  
Male NameEarlEnglishNobleman
Female NameEarleneEnglishNobleman
Female NameEarly  
Male NameEarnestGermanicEarnest, serious
Male and Female NameEarnhardt  
Female NameEarthaGaelicStrong faith
Female NameEaster  
Male NameEastonEnglishRiver settlement
Male NameEatonEnglishRiver settlement
Female NameEavanGaelicPleasant
Male NameEbanHebrewStone
Female NameEbbaGermanicBoar
Male and Female NameEbby  

Eben - Edgardo

Male NameEbenHebrewStone of help
Male and Female NameEbenezerHebrewStone of help
Female NameEbere  
Male NameEberhardGermanicStrong boar
Male and Female NameEbi  
Female NameEboniEnglishEbony wood
Female NameEbonyEnglishEbony wood
Female NameEchoGreekEcho
Male and Female NameEclipse  
Male NameEdEnglishWealth protector
Female NameEdaOld EnglishStrife for wealth
Female NameEdaleneCeltic/GaelicNoble, king
Male NameEdanGaelivLittle fire
Female NameEdana  
Male and Female NameEddEnglishWealth protector
Female NameEddaOld NorseGrandmother
Male NameEddieEnglishWealth protector
Male NameEdddyEnglishWealth protector
Female NameEdelineFrisianNoble
Female NameEdenHebrewDelight
Male NameEdgarEnglishProtector of the good
Male and Female NameEdgar-Allen  
Male NameEdgardoEnglishProtector of the good

Edge - Edwina

Female NameEdieEnglishProsperous in war
Male NameEdisonEnglishEdward's son
Female NameEditaEnglishProsperous in war
Female NameEdithEnglishProsperous in war
Female NameEdlyn  
Male NameEdmondEnglishProsperous protection
Male NameEdmundEnglishProsperous protection
Female NameEdnaGaelicKernel
Female NameEdolie  
Female NameEdria  
Male NameEdricEnglishPower
Male NameEdselGermanicNoble
Male NameEduardoEnglishRich guard
Male NameEdvin  
Male NameEdwardEnglishWealth protector
Male NameEdwardo  
Male NameEdwinEnglishRich friend
Female NameEdwinaEnglishRich friend