Puppy and Dog Names I

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Puppy and Dog Names I
Inayat - Irvin
Irving - Ize
Izefia - Izzy
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By My Lovely Pups

Finding great Puppy and Dog names starting with "I" doesn't need to be a chore. Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "I".

Here Are Some Names for You to Consider

  • I-Pod: Apple's MP3 player makes a great name for the little dog who never shuts up!
  • Isha: Means "one who protects", perhaps a good name for a female watchdog.
  • Itchycoo: Cute little name that comes from the song Itchycoo Park, by the Small Faces.

Iaap - Icon

Male NameIaap  
Male NameIagoHebrewGrasp by the heel
Male NameIainScottishGod is gracious
Male NameIanScottishGod is gracious
Male and Female NameIano  
Female NameIantheGreekViolet
Male NameIbeamaka  
Male and Female NameIberia  
Male NameIbrahimHebrewFather of a multitude or many nations
Male NameIceAmericanFrozen water
N/AIce Cream  
Male NameIce-CubeAmericanAmerican rapper
Male NameIce-TAmerican American rapper
Male and Female NameIcey  
Male NameIchabodHebrewGlory has departed
Female NameIchigoJapaneseStrawberry
Male NameIchiroJapaneseFirst son
Male and Female NameIchoris  

Icy - Ignacio

Male and Female NameIcyEnglishIce-like
Female NameIdaGermanicWork
Male and Female NameIdaho  
Female NameIdaleeAmericanCombination of Ida and Lee
Female NameIdaliaGermanWork
Female NameIdeIrishThirst
Female NameIdeh  
Female NameIdolaSpanishIdol
Female NameIdoniaGermanicWork + tree
Female NameIdraAramaicFig tree
Male and Female NameIdrisWelshArdent, impulsive lord
Female NameIdunScandinavianRejuvenation
Female NameIeshia  
Female NameIfamaAfricanEverything is all right
Male NameIfanWelshGift of God
Male NameIfeAfricanLove
Male NameIgeAfricanA breech birth
Male NameIgge  
Male NameIggyEnglishFirey one
Male and Female NameIgloo  
Male NameIgnacioLatinFiery

Ignatius - I-Mac

Male NameIgnatiusLatinFiery
Male and Female NameIgnatz  
Male NameIgorRussianWarrior
Male and Female NameIgusNorseYew, bow + army
Female NameIhaSanskritWish, desire
Male NameIkeHebrewHe laughs
Male and Female NameIkeaSwedishConstructed name: Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Almhult
Male and Female NameIki  
Male and Female NameIkramArabicHonour, respect
Female NameIkuyoJapaneseGrow generation
Female NameIlaSwahiliBirth mark, blemish
Female NameIlanaHebrewTree
Female NameIlaria  
Male NameIlarioLatinCheerful
Female NameIldiko  
Male NameIlhan  
Female NameIlianaHebrewThe Lord has responded
Female NameIlisapesi  
Male and Female NameIllinoisNative AmericanSuperior tribe
Female NameIlonaGreekTorch
Female NameIlseGermanConsecrated to God
Male NameIlyaHebrewMy God is the Lord
Female NameIlyssa  
Male and Female NameI-Mac  

Ima - Inaya

Male and Female NameImaJapaneseNow
Female NameImalaNative AmericanOne who enforces discipline
Female NameImaniSwahiliFaith, belief
Male NameImanolHebrewGod is with us
Male NameImaranIndianPowerful
Female NameIlsaGermanConsecrated to God
Female NameImeldaItalianEntire battle
Male NameImmanuelHebrewGod is with us
Female NameImogenEnglishInnocent, girl
Female NameImogeneLatinImage, likeness
Male and Female NameImona  
Male and Female NameImp  
Male and Female NameImpala  
Male NameImranArabicProsperity
Male NameImreHungarianVariant of Emeric
Male NameImriHebrewMy words spoken
Female NameIna  
Male and Female NameInaliNative AmericanBlack fox
Female NameInaraArabicIlluminating, shining
Female NameInariJapaneseSuccessful one
Female NameInayaArabicSolitude, kindness, Grace