Puppy and Dog Names L

By My Lovely Pups

Still trying to find a name for your friend starting with the letter "L"? Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "L".

Here Are A Few Names to Consider

  • Lakota: A Native American word meaning "friend". Good choice for your best friend then.
  • Latoya: Pop singer best known as the sister of Michael Jackson.
  • Little Junior: Junior's even smaller brother. (The name comes from a bad guy in the movie Kiss of Death).

La Cienega - Ladomér

Female NameLa CienegaSpanishThe swamp, marshes
Male NameLa Motta  
Female NameLaasyaSanskritDance
Male NameLabanHebrewWhite
Male NameLabel  
Female NameLabelle  
Female NameLabonitaSpanishBeautiful one
Male NameLaborc  
Female NameLaceyEnglishFrom Lassey, France
Male and Female NameLachlanGaelicWarrior from the Land of the Lochs
Female NameLaciEnglishLacy
Female NameLacieEnglishLacy
Female NameLacoleAmericanCombination of La and Nicole
Female NameLacyEnglishLacy
Female NameLadaSlavicGoddess of love and fertility
Male NameLadariusPersianMaintain well
Male NameLadd  
Male NameLaddieEnglishAttendant
Male NameLaddie Boy  
Male NameLaddie Buck  
Male NameLadislavSlavonicGlorious rule
Male NameLadomér  

LaDonna - Laine

Female NameLaDonnaItalianThe Lady
Female NameLadyEnglishLady
Female NameLady JaneEnglish 
Female NameLady LouEnglish 
Female NameLady MacbethEnglish 
Female NameLady PenelopeEnglish 
Female NameLae  
Male and Female NameLaelHebrewOf God
Male NameLaertesGreek 
Female NameLaetitiaLatinJoy
Male and Female NameLafayetteFrenchFrom the land of the Beech tree
Female NameLahelaHebrewEwe
Female NameLahomaNative AmericanThe people
Female NameLaibahArabicEntertaining
Male NameLaikGutniska (Old Nordic)Play, game, period in sports [Still in use on the island of Gotland in Sweden]
Male and Female NameLaikaRussianBarker
Female NameLailaArabicDark beauty
Male and Female NameLailah  
Female NameLailie  
Female NameLainaAmericanFrom Alaina
Female NameLaineEnglishDweller in a lane