Puppy and Dog Names U

By My Lovely Pups

Good Puppy and Dog names starting with the letter "U" can be hard to find, but we like to think we have some of the best. Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "U".

Try These Names

  • Ukko: Finnish myth name of a sky and thunder god, meaning "old man."
  • Umberto: Umberto Eco, an Italian semiotician, essayist, philosopher, literary critic, and novelist, best known for his novel The Name of the Rose.

Uaine - Uri

Uaine - Uisdean

Male and Female NameUaineIrishGreen, verdant [Pronounced "OON-ya."]
Female NameUalaniHawaiianRain from heaven
Male NameUbaAfricanFather, lord
Male NameUbul  
Male NameUchennaAfrican (Ibo name)God's thoughts
Male NameUdayIndianTo rise
Female NameUdayaSanskritRising sun
Male NameUdeh  
Male NameUdellEnglishYew tree valley
Male NameUditSanskritAscended
Male NameUdoAfricanTime of peace
Male NameUehudah  
Male NameUfuk  
Male and Female NameUga  
Male NameUgoGermanicMind, heart of spirit
Male NameUgod  
Male NameUgor  
Male NameUgraSanskritFierce, powerful
Male and Female NameUgurTurkishLuck [Pronounced "uur."]
Female NameUheriSwahiliGood fortune
Male and Female NameUhura  
Male NameUilleamGermanicWill, desire + helmet, protection
Male NameUisdean  

Ujana - Ultra

Female NameUjanaAfricanYouth
Female NameUjjwala  
Male NameUkkoFinnishOld man
Female NameUlaLatinLittle bear
Female NameUlanAfricanFirst born of twins
Male NameUland  
Female NameUlaniHawaiianCheerful
Male NameUlemaArabicScholars
Male NameUlfGermanicProtector of the inheritance
Female NameUlfahArabicAffection, intimacy
Male NameUlffr  
Female NameUlfhildr  
Male NameUlisesGreekWalker
Male and Female NameUllOld NorseGlory
Female NameUllaGermanProsperity, fortune, power
Male NameUlmerEnglishFamous wolf
Female NameUlprus  
Male NameUlricGermanProsperity, fortune, power
Male NameUlrichGermanPowerful through his inheritance
Female NameUlrikaGermanProsperity, fortune, power
Male NameUltan  
Female NameUltima  

Ultreia - Unelem

Female NameUltreia  
Male NameUlucan  
Female NameUlyanaRussianYouthful, downy
Male NameUlyssesLatinOne who is full of wrath [Latin form of Odysseus.]
Female NameUmaSanskritFlax
Female NameUmatillaNative American (Cayuga Tribe)Princess
Female NameUmayTurkishHope
Female NameUmaymahArabicYoung mother
Male NameUmbertoItalianItalian form of the Germanic Humbert which means "bright home"
Female NameUmeJapanesePlum
Male NameUmedIndianHope
Female NameUmekoJapanesePlum blossom child
Male and Female NameUmiAfricanEnergy
Female NameUmikaSanskritGoddess
Female NameUmmiSanskritMy mother
Male and Female NameUmutTurkishHope
Female NameUnaLatinOne
Male NameUnai  
Male and Female NameUncle  
N/AUncle Sam  
Female NameUndineLatinWave
Male and Female NameUnelem  

Unique - Uri

Female NameUniqueEnglishOnly one
Female NameUnityEnglishOneness
Male NameUnknown  
Female NameUnnaGermanWoman
Female NameUnnatiSanskritAscending
Female NameUnni  
Male and Female NameUno  
Male NameUorsinRumantschBear
Male NameUpen  
Male NameUpendoSwahiliLove [A Swahili name from Tanzania.]
Male NameUpendraSanskritYounger sibling of Indra
Male and Female NameUpir  
Male NameUpor  
Male NameUptonOld EnglishUpper settlement [Place name.]
Male and Female NameUra  
Female NameUraSanskritChest
Female NameUraniaGreekGoddess of the mountains
Male and Female NameUrbainFrenchFrom the city
Male NameUrbanLatinFrom the city
Female NameUrbanaItalianFrom the city
Male NameUrbanoSpanishFrom the city
Male NameUren  
Male NameUriHebrewMy light, my flame

By My Lovely Pups

Puppy and dog names starting with the letter "U" continue.

Here Are Some More Suggestions

  • Uriah: A Hebrew name meaning "God is my light." Uriah Heap, a character in "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens and the rock band from 1970s Uriah Heep.
  • Ursala: Latin name composed of the word ursa "she-bear" and a diminutive suffix, hence "little she-bear."

Uriah - Uzzo

Uriah - Ushanka

Male NameUriahHebrewGod is my light
Male NameUrianWelshCity born
Female NameUriana  
Male NameUrielHebrewGod is my light
Female NameUrielaHebrewLight of God
Male NameUrienWelshPrivileged birth
Male NameUrijahEnglishGod is my light [Form of Uriah and Elijah.]
Female NameUritHebrewBright
Female NameUrjaSanskritEnergy
Male NameUrjavaha  
Female NameUrmiSanskritWave
Female NameUrmilaSanskritWaves of passion
Male NameUros  
Female NameUrsaLatinLittle she-bear
Female NameUrsalaLatinLittle she-bear
Female NameUrsanne  
Female NameUrsulaLatinLittle she-bear
Female NameUrvasi  
Female NameUrviSanskritHeaven and earth
Female NameUsagi  
Male and Female NameUsamaArabicFeline predator
Female NameUshaSanskritDawn
Male and Female NameUshanka  

Ushma - Uzor

Female NameUshmaSanskritSpring
Male NameUsherAmericanPeople escort
Female NameUsoaAfricanDove
Female NameUsraSanskritDawn
Female NameUtaGermanicWealth, fortune [Form of the Germanic name "Ute."]
Female NameUtaJapanesePoem child [Form of the Japanese name "Utako."]
Male and Female NameUtahNative American (Ute Tribe)People of the mountain
Female NameUtakoJapanesePoem child
Male NameUtaraIndonesianThe north
Female NameUtariIndonesianThe north
Male NameUtchaSanskritHigh point
Female NameUteGermanicWealth, fortune
Female NameUteJapaneseSong
Male NameUttamSanskritExcellent
Male NameUttanka  
Female NameUttaraSanskritRoyal daughter, star
Female NameUvateraSouth AfricaGod help us
Male NameUwain  
Male NameUxio  
Female NameUyenVietnamese 
Male and Female NameUziHebrewPower, strength
Female NameUzimaSwahiliFull of life
Male NameUzor  

Uzuri - Uzzo

Female NameUzuriAfricanBeauty