Puppy and Dog Names X

By My Lovely Pups

It isn't that many Puppy and Dog Names that start with the letter "X", but we have collected some really good ones for you to take a look at. Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "X".

What Would You Say About…

  • Xena: A popular name for a strong female pet, after the TV show Xena Warrior Princess. But perfect also for the friendly pet as her name means "One who is hospitable to strangers."
  • Xing: If your puppy or dog sparkle like a star this is the name. A Chinese name for both boys and girls meaning "star." If you double the name to "Xing Xing" it means "Twin stars," good if you have two puppies that are siblings.
  • Xue: Chinese (Mandarin) unisex name. For boys, it means "studious," and for girls it means "snow." A good name for a white and curious puppy or dog, a Japanese Spitz maybe.

Xabat - Xzavier

Xabat - Xena

Male NameXabatBasqueRescuer, deliverer
Male NameXalvadorSpanishSavior
Female NameXalvadoraSpanishSavior
Male NameXan  
Male and Female NameXanaduMongolianMongolian city
Male NameXanderGreekDefender of the people [Short form of Alexander.]
Female NameXandraGreekDefender of the people [Short form of Alexandra.]
Male and Female NameXandyGreekDefender of the people [Short form of Alexandra.]
Male and Female NameXannonAmericanAncient God [Form of the name Shannon.]
Female NameXantaraAmericanProtector of the Earth
Female NameXanthaGreekBlond
Female NameXantheGreekBlond, yellow
Female NameXanthiaGreekBlond
Male NameXanthusGreekBlond, yellow
Male and Female NameXantiPortugueseShort Form Of Xantiago [Also a South American name meaning "flower."]
Male NameXantoItalianGolden, blond haired [Form of Xanthus.]
Female NameXaquelina  
Male and Female NameXaraAmericanPrincess [Respelling of the name Sara (Sarah).]
Female NameXariaAmericanGift of love [Respelling Of Zaria]
Male NameXarlesFrenchManly
Male NameXavierLatinThe new house [Often a second name used with the given name Francis in honor of Saint Francis Xavier, Catholic missionary.]
Female NameXavieraSpanishThe new house [Feminine form of Xavier.]
Female NameXaviereFrenchThe new house [Feminine form of Xavier.]
Female NameXenaGreekHospitable [Xena, Warrior Princess, TV show.]

Xenia - Ximena

Female NameXeniaGreekWelcoming
Male NameXenoGreekMerciful
Male NameXenonGreekStranger
Female NameXenobiaGreekForce of Zeus
Male NameXenonGreekForeigner
Male and Female NameXenophonGreekStrange voice
Male NameXenosGreekGuest
Female NameXeraphinsAmericanSeraphim, angel [Alternate spelling of Serafina.]
Male NameXerxesPersianKing, ruler
Female NameXexiliaBasqueBlind of self beauty [Basque form of Cecilia.]
Male and Female NameX-Force  
Female NameXhosaAfricanName of an South African Tribe
Male and Female NameXi-WangChineseHope, wish, desire
Female NameXiaChinese (Mandarin)Glow of the sunrise
Female NameXia HeChineseSummer Lotus
Female NameXiangChinese (Mandarin)Fragrant
Male NameXiaoChineseEarly morning
Male and Female NameXibalba  
Male and Female NameXiao-ChenChineseEarly morning
Female NameXiao HongChineseMorning rainbow
Male NameXimenHebrewGod has heard
Female NameXimenaBasqueHearkening, he has heard

Ximenes - Xuxa

Male NameXimenesSpanishThe listener
Male NameXimensSpanishThe listener
Female NameXin QianChinese (Mandarin)Happy, beautiful
Female NameXinavaneAfricanSpread, propagate
Male and Female NameXingChineseStar
Male and Female NameXing XingChineseTwin stars
Male and Female NameXioSpanishReady for battle [Diminutive or contraction of the name Xiomara.]
Female NameXiomaraSpanishReady for battle
Male and Female NameXipilAztec (Nahuatl)Noble one, of fire
Female NameXiuChinese (Mandarin)Elegant, beautiful
Female NameXiu JuanChinese (Mandarin)Graceful
Female NameXiu MeiChineseBeautiful plum
Male and Female NameXiuhcoatlAztec (Nahuatl)Weapon of destruction
Female NameXochitlAztec (Nahuatl)Flower
Male and Female NameXolaAfrican (Xhosa of South Africa)Stay in peace
Female NameXolaniAfricanPlease forgive
Male and Female NameXuanVietnameseSpring
Female NameXueChinese (Mandarin)Snow
Male NameXueChinese (Mandarin)Studious
Female NameXue FangChinese (Mandarin)Fragrant snow
Male and Female NameXunChineseQuick
Male NameXuthusGreekSon of Helen
Male and Female NameXurxo  
Female NameXuxaCubanQueen

Xylander - Xzavier

Male NameXylanderGreekForest man
Female NameXyleenaGreekOne who lives in the forest
Female NameXyliaGreekFrom the forest
Female NameXylianaGreekFrom the woods
Female NameXylinaGreekOf the woods
Male and Female NameXylonGreekLive in the forest
Female NameXylonaGreekFrom the forest
Male and Female NameXylophone  
Female NameXyza  
Male NameXzavierBasqueNew house