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Puppy and Dog Names N
Nannyskitty - Narsi
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By My Lovely Pups

The letter "N" offers some nice and unique names for your Puppy or Dog. What says about "Nangijala" which has become popular in especially Norway, or why not the Hawaiian "Nahele." Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "N".

Here Are Some Unique Names

  • Nacho: Mexican word meaning "A small, triangular piece of tortilla" - nice name for a small Mexican dog like a Chihuahua.
  • Nangijala: A fantasy place, a land on the "other side of the stars," from the children's fantasy novel Brothers Lionheart by Astrid Lindgren. Popular dog name for German Shepherds and Norwegian Elkhounds.
  • Nahele: A nice Hawaiian name meaning "Forest"

Naara - Nanny

Naara - Nafuna

Female NameNaaraHebrewGirl, maiden
Female NameNaavaHebrewAppealing girl
N/ANabako V  
Female NameNabelung  
Male NameNabenduIndianFresh moon
Male NameNabilArabicNoble
Female NameNabilaArabicNoble, excellent
Male and Female NameNabosi  
Male NameNabulung  
Male NameNachiketaSanskrit 
Male NameNachmanke  
Female NameNachoMexicanA small, triangular piece of tortilla
Male and Female NameNacosha  
Female NameNadaliaPortugueseBorn on Christmas Day [Form of Natalie]
Male NameNadavHebrewGenerous
Female NameNaddaArabicDew
Female NameNadezhdaRussianHope
Female NameNadiaRussianHope
Female NameNadieEnglishHope
Female NameNadineFrenchHope
Male NameNaeemArabicHappiness, comfort
Female NameNaevaJapaneseIngenue
Female NameNafesaArabicPrecious gem
Female NameNaflahArabicOverabundance
Female NameNafunaAfricanDelivered feet-first

Naga - Najinca

Male and Female NameNaga  
Female NameNagihan  
Male NameNagisaJapaneseA calm beach
Male NameNaheleHawaiianForest
Male and Female NameNahina  
Female NameNahlaArabicDrink water
Female NameNahoko  
Female NameNahuatlAztec (Nahuatl)Four waters [The name of the Aztec language.]
Male NameNahuelNative American (Mapuche Tribe)Jaguar
Female NameNaia  
Female NameNaiaraSpanishCity in the Basque country
Female NameNaidaGreekAs a water nymph
Male NameNaifArabicExcess, surplus
Female NameNailahArabicOne who attains
Male NameNaimish  
Female NameNaina  
Female NameNairne  
Female NameNaiyaIndianAn inland vessel
Female NameNajaArabicHaving trust
Male NameNajeeArabicIntimate companion, bosom companion
Male and Female NameNajiArabicIntimate companion, bosom companion
Female NameNajiaSwahiliOffspring
Female NameNajilaArabicName of a plant
Male and Female NameNajincaNative American (Sioux Tribe)Stampede

Najwa - Namdev

Female NameNajwaArabicPassionate
Female NameNajyaArabicLiberated, free
Male and Female NameNakago  
Female NameNakeishaAmericanCombination of Na and Keisha
Female NameNakendraAmericanWater baby, magical [Variation of the name Kendra.]
Female NameNakiaGreekUnconquered, unconquerable
Male and Female NameNakies  
Female NameNakimeraAfrican (Uganda)Gift from God
Female NameNakishaAmericanCreated name from the name Keisha.
Female NameNakitaAmericanVictory of the people [Form of the name Nikita or Nicole]
Male and Female NameNakomi  
Male NameNakulSanskritMongoose
Male NameNakulaIndonesianTwin
Female NameNalaAfricanLoved
Male and Female NameNalaniPolynesian/HawaiianThe heavens
Male and Female NameNalaniePolynesian/HawaiianThe heavens
Male and Female NameNalinSanskritLotus flower
Female NameNaliniSanskritLike the lotus
Female NameNallelyNative AmericanI love you
Male and Female NameNaloAfricanLoveable
Male NameNamVietnameseSouth or Manly
Male and Female NameNamasNative American (Ojibwa Tribe)Little sturgeon bird
Male and Female NameNambi  
Male NameNamdevIndianWell known helper of krishna

Name - Nanny

Female NameNameJapaneseWave [Pronounced "Nah-May"]
Female NameNamiJapaneseWave
Female NameNamiSanskritOf great reknown
Female NameNamikoJapaneseWave child
Male and Female NameNamirArabicWholesome
Female NameNamrataIndianKindness
Female NameNanHebrewGrace
Female NameNanaHebrewGrace
Male NameNanaSanskritDifferent
Female NameNanakoJapaneseChild of greens
Female NameNanamiJapaneseSeven seas
Female NameNancyHebrewGrace
Female NameNandaSanskritFull of joy, achiever
Male NameNandin  
Female NameNandiniHebrewHaving bliss
Female NameNanditaIndianMaking other comfortable, glad
Male NameNándor  
Female NameNanetteFrenchGrace
Male and Female NameNangijalaSwedishFantasy place, a land on the "other side of the stars" [From the book Brothers Lionheart]
Female NameNaniGreekGrace
Female NameNannaHebrewGrace
Male NameNanneSwedishGrace [Nick name for Anders.]
Male and Female NameNannook