Puppy and Dog Names P

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Here Are Some Names for You to Consider

  • Palinouros: Greek name composed of the elements palin "back, contrary" or "new" and ouros "storm, wind" or "mountain," hence possibly "contrary wind" or "new mountain." In mythology, this is the name of the pilot of Aeneas's boat.
  • Pancake: From the vocabulary word meaning "a thin cake made of batter and fried in hot grease." Variants: Flapjack, Hotcake.
  • Parzifal: German form of French Percevel, meaning "pierced valley."

P. - Pankaj

P. - Pagan

Male and Female NameP.  
Male and Female NameP.C.  
Male and Female NameP-bear  
Male and Female NameP-nut  
Male and Female NamePabio  
Female NamePablaSpanishSmall [Form of Paula.]
Male NamePabloSpanishSmall
Male NamePabstGermanPope [A nickname for a self-important person.]
Male and Female NamePaceEnglishPeace
Male and Female NamePaceyFrenchPaccius' place
Male NamePacino  
Male NamePackard  
Male NamePacoLatinFrom France
Male NamePaddingtonEnglishThe estate of Padda
Male NamePaddyIrishNoble [Diminutive form of Patrick.]
Male and Female NamePadfoot  
Male NamePadgettEnglishAttendant
Female NamePadmaSanskritLotus
Male NamePadmakarIndianA pack of lotuses
Female NamePadminiSanskritLotus-like
Male NamePadraicIrishNobleman
Male and Female NamePaganEnglishPagan

Page - Palmer

Male NamePageEnglishA young boy in training as a personal assistant to a knight
Male and Female NamePahanaNative American (Hopi mythology)Lost white brother
Male NamePahkakinoNative American (Cree Tribe)Good man
Male and Female NamePahukumaaNative American (Paiute Tribe)Edge of a Sunflower
Male and Female NamePai  
Female NamePaigeEnglishA young boy in training as a personal assistant to a knight [Female form of Page]
Male and Female NamePaintere  
Male and Female NamePaisleyScottishChurch
Male NamePaitalyiNative American (Ga'igwu (Kiowa) Tribe)Son of the sun
Female NamePaivaPortugeseRiver name [Name of a tributary of the Douro.]
Female NamePakuna Native American (Miwok)Deer jumping downhill
Male and Female NamePal  
Male and Female NamePalaniPolynesian/HawaiianFree man [Form of Frank.]
Female NamePalesaAfricanFlower
Male and Female NamePaleyEnglishFrom the pale field
Male and Female NamePalikeke  
Female NamePalilaPolynesian/HawaiianBird
Male NamePalinourosGreekContrary wind or new mountain
Male and Female NamePallasGreekMaiden, youth
Male NamePallatonNative AmericanFighter
Male NamePallavIndianFrontier, leave
Female NamePallaviSanskritYoung branch
Female NamePalmaLatinProsperous
Male NamePalmerEnglishPilgrim

Paloma - Pankaj

Female NamePalomaSpanishDove
Female NamePalomi  
Male NamePaltiHebrewMy deliverance
Female NamePamEnglishAll honey [Short form of Pamela]
Female NamePamee  
Female NamePamelaEnglishAll honey
Female NamePameliaEnglishAll honey [Combination of Pamela and Amelia.]
Male and Female NamePanGreekHerdsman
Male and Female NamePanca  
Female NamePancakeEnglishPancake [A thin cake made of batter and fried in hot grease.]
Female NamePanchaliSanskritPrincess
Male NamePanchoSpanishFree
Male NamePancrazio  
Male and Female NamePanda  
Male NamePanditaSanskritScholar, learnt, wise
Female NamePandoraGreekAll gift
Male NamePandya  
Female NamePanizPersianCandy
Male NamePankajSanskritMud-born