Puppy and Dog Names S

By My Lovely Pups

It is never wrong to choose a name beginning with the letter "S" for your new friend. Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "S".

Need Some Examples? How About…

  • Scar: A tough name for a tough male dog, a boxer perhaps. From the vocabulary word meaning "a mark left on the skin from an injury."
  • Screwball: From the slang term meaning 1) a pitched ball that curves; 2) one who is eccentric, whimsical or irrational.
  • Scruffy: Another name for your male dog. From the vocabulary word meaning "shabby; untidy; scaly; scabby," itself from the word scruff, meaning "dandruff, scurf."

Saadet - Saleema

Saadet - Sachchit

Female NameSaadetTurkishHappiness, Felicity
Male NameSaarHebrewStorm [Also a name of a place in Israel.]
Female NameSaatchiJapanese Blissful or fortunate [A form of the name Sachi.]
Female NameSabaAramaicOld or aged
Female NameSabahArabicMorning
Male and Female NameSabaloo  
Male NameSabastianLatinMan from Sebaste
Male and Female NameSabbathBiblicalTo cease, rest [Sabbath is the name of the last day of the week (Exodus 20:8).]
Female NameSabeenArabicOf another faith
Male NameSaberFrenchSword
Male NameSabinFrenchSabine man [The Sabines were a tribe that lived in the central Appennines of ancient Italy.]
Female NameSabinaFrenchSabine woman [The Sabines were a tribe that lived in the central Appennines of ancient Italy.]
Female NameSabineFrenchSabine woman [The Sabines were a tribe that lived in the central Appennines of ancient Italy.]
Male NameSabitiAfrican (Uganda)Born on Sunday
Male and Female NameSableEnglishBlack [Also a type of animal fur used to make coats.]
Male NameSabola  
Female NameSabraHebrewCactus fruit
Male and Female NameSabre  
Female NameSabrinaLatinFrom the river Severn [Latin name of the river Severn in the United Kingdom.]
Male NameSaburoJapaneseThird-born son
Male NameSaburouJapaneseThird son
Female NameSacagaweaNative American (Shoshoni Tribe)The bird woman
Male NameSachaGreekProtector of man
Male and Female NameSachetSanskritPure existence, thought [Can also mean "perfumed" in French.]
Male NameSachchit  

Sachi - Saffi

Female NameSachiJapaneseGirl child of bliss [Short form of Sachiko.]
Male NameSachiel  
Female NameSachikoJapaneseChild of happiness
Male NameSachinSanskritPure existence
Female NameSadaJapanesePure one [Also an Arabic name meaning "good fortune."]
Female NameSadahArabicMost fortunate
Female NameSadb  
Male NameSaddamArabicBrave
Female NameSadeAfricanHonour brings a crown [Shortened form of Folasade. Pronounced shah-day.]
Female NameSadeFinlandRain
Female NameSadhanaSanskritPractice
Male NameSadi  
Female NameSadieHebrewPrincess
Male and Female NameSadikiSwahiliHonest, sincere
Female NameSadiyaArabicLucky
Male NameSadlerEnglishSaddle maker [From an occupational surname meaning "maker of saddles."]
Male NameSadurni  
Male NameSaeedArabicFortunate, blissful, lucky
Female NameSaekoJapaneseSerene child
Male NameSaeranIrishNoble
Female NameSafaArabicPure
Female NameSafak  
Female NameSafaraAfrican (Wolof language)Fire
Male and Female NameSafariSwahiliJourney, expedition [From Arabic word "safar" meaning "journey."]
Female NameSaffi  

Saffie - Saige

Male and Female NameSaffie  
Female NameSaffronEnglishYellow flower [The saffron flower is a purple crocus that blooms in the fall. The three stigmas are yellow and prized for their flavor and color. Also a name of a food spice that comes from the saffron flower.]
Female NameSafiyaArabicSincere friend
Female NameSagaScandinavianSeeing one
Male NameSagarIndianRuler of the water
Female NameSagaraIndianOcean
Male and Female NameSageEnglishAromatic herb
Female NameSagiraArabicSmall, short
Female NameSagittariusLatinThe Archer [Used for puppies born under this astrological sign.]
Male NameSagivHebrewMighty
Male NameSahadev  
Female NameSahana  
Male NameSaharHebrewMoon
Female NameSaharaArabicDawn [Also a form of Sarah. Name of a desert in Northern Africa.]
Female NameSaheliIndianComrade
Male NameSahen  
Male NameSahibPunjabiMaster, the master
Female NameSahiba  
Female NameSahilaIndianGuide
Female NameSahirahArabicWakeful
Female NameSahkyoNative American (Navajo Tribe)Mink
Male and Female NameSahrahsahe Native American (Pawnee Tribe)Black Eagle
Female NameSaidahAfrican (Northern region)Happy, fortunate
Female NameSaigeEnglishAromatic herb

Sailor - Saleema

Male and Female NameSailorAmericanBoat man
N/ASailor Boy  
Female NameSaimaArabicFasting woman
Male and Female NameSaintAmericanHoly person
Female NameSajiliIndianOrnamented
Female NameSajniIndianDarling, respectable
Male and Female NameSakana  
Female NameSakariIndianLovely
Male and Female NameSakiJapaneseRare blossoming
Female NameSakikoJapaneseBlossom child
Female NameSakinaSwahiliPeaceful, tranquil
Female NameSaktiIndianPower
Female NameSakuko  
Female NameSakuraJapaneseCherry blossom
Female NameSakurakoJapaneseCherry blossom child
Male NameSalItalianSaviour
Female NameSalaAfrican (Eastern region)Gentle [Also a place in Sweden.]
Female NameSalal  
Female NameSalaliNative American (Cherokee Tribe)Squirrel [Also a place in Mozambique.]
Female NameSalamaSwahiliPeace, security
Female NameSaleemaArabicHealthy, protected