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We have found many cool, cute and funny Puppy and Dog names starting with the letter "W". Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "W".

How About…

  • Wango: The name "Wango" comes from the vocabulary word meaning "a boomerang." It is considered to be a cute name and we have seen it being used for German Shepherds in Germany and Beagles in the US.
  • Wango Tango: Is the title of a song written and recorded by American rock musician Ted Nugent. A name for a big tough dog, a male Rottweiler perhaps.
  • Whiskers: An American name meaning "a protruding hair". A cute name for your boy or girl puppy, such as a Scottish Terrier or a Schnauzer that has a beard or large amount of facial fur. Since "Whiskers" has just two syllables, pups will easily recognize the name making it easier to train them.

Waapalaa - Warrick

Waapalaa - Wakinyela

Male and Female NameWaapalaaNative American (Sac and Fox Nation)Playing fox
Male and Female NameWabanangNative American (Ojibwa Tribe)Eastern (Morning) star
Female NameWadeOld EnglishAble to go, wading place
Male NameWadsworthEnglishFrom wades estate
Male and Female NameWafaArabicFaithful
Male and Female NameWaffles  
Male NameWaggonerGermanWagon maker
Male NameWagnerGermanWagon maker
Male NameWaheedIndianHandsome
Male NameWahidArabicUnique
Male and Female NameWahmenituNative American (Sioux Tribe)Spirit in the water
Female NameWahponjeaNative American (Miami Tribe)Swan
Female NameWaikikiHawaiianStream from which water gushes
Male NameWaiteEnglishWatchman, guard [Originally an English surname]
Male NameWajidArabicFinder
Female NameWakanaJapaneseHaromony, music, complete
Female NameWakandaNative American (Sioux Tribe)Possesses magical powers
Male and Female NameWakapaNative American (Sioux Tribe)To excel
Male and Female NameWakaunNative American (Winnebago Tribe)Serpent
Male and Female NameWakechaiNative American (Sac and Fox Nation)Crouching Eagle
Male NameWakefieldEnglishFrom damp land
Male NameWakichonzeNative American (Sioux Tribe)Leader
Male and Female NameWakinyelaNative American (Sioux Tribe)Dove

Wakeman - Wally

Male NameWakemanEnglishWatchman [Originally an English surname]
Female NameWalburgaGermanPower, protection
Female NameWalburghaGermanStrong defender
Male NameWalchelim  
Female NameWaldaGermanicRuler
Male NameWaldemarGermanicFamous ruler
Male NameWaldenEnglishPeasant's valley [Walden Pond, place in Massachusetts made famous by the writings of poet Henry David Thoreau.]
Female NameWaldinaGermanGod's power [Female form of Waldemar or Waldo.]
Male NameWaldoGermanicPowerful, ruler [Form of the name Oswald. "Where's Waldo," children's book. Ralph Waldo Emerson, author/poet.]
Male NameWaldronGermanMighty Raven
Male NameWalentyPolishStrong, healthy
Male NameWaleran  
Male NameWalfridGermanPeaceful ruler
Male NameWalidAfricanNewborn
Female NameWalidaArabicThe newborn girl
Female NameWalidahAfricanNewborn
Male and Female NameWalkerEnglishFuller of cloth [Originally an English Surname.]
Male and Female NameWall  
Male and Female NameWalla-WallaNative American (Walla-Walla Tribe)Many waters [A tribe and city in Washington.]
Male and Female NameWallaceEnglishForeigner, stranger [English surname, applied to the Welsh.]
Male and Female NameWallieGermanicRuler of the army
Male and Female NameWallisEnglishForeigner, stranger
Male NameWallyGermanicRuler of the army

Walnut - Wango Tango

Male and Female NameWalnut  
Male NameWaltGermanicRuler of the army
Female NameWaltaAfricanShield
Male NameWalterGermanicRuler of the army
Male NameWaltonEnglishForeigner
Female NameWaltraudGermanicBattlefield
Male NameWaluyoIndonesianSelamat lucky
Male and Female NameWalviaNative American (Taos Tribe)Medicine root
Male NameWalworthEnglishCity of walls [Originally an English surname.]
Male NameWaman  
Female NameWamiqAfricanLoving friendly
Female NameWanChinese (Mandarin)Gentle, gracious
Male NameWanbliNative American (Sioux Tribe)Eagle
Female NameWandaPolishA slender young tree
Female NameWandellaAmericanLittle tree
Female NameWandeGermanWanderer
Male and Female NameWander  
Female NameWandyGermanWanderer
Female NameWanetaNative American (Sioux Tribe)Shape-shifter, charger [Also a respelling of Juanita (American).]
Female NameWanettaEnglishPale
N/AWang Choi  
Male and Female NameWangoAustralianA boomerang
Male and Female NameWango TangoAmericanTitle of a song by Ted Nugent.

Wangsta - Warrick

Male and Female NameWangsta  
Female NameWanikaAmericanGods gracious gift
Female NameWannEnglishPale
Male and Female NameWannahawkaloogie   
Male and Female NameWanyechaNative American (Sioux Tribe)Firefly
Male NameWapaheoNative American (Choctaw Tribe)How did he kill?
Female NameWapekaAmericanSkillful
Male NameWaqarArabicMajesty, dignity
Female NameWaratahAustralianA red flower
Male NameWardEnglishWatchman, guard
Female NameWardahArabicRose
Male NameWardellEnglishFrom the guardians hill
Male NameWardenEnglishGuard
Male NameWardleyEnglishFrom the guardians meadow
Male NameWarenGermanLoyal
Male NameWarenhariGermanDefending warrior
Male NameWarnerGermanicProtecting army [Originally an English Surname.]
Female NameWarrahAustralianHoneysuckle
Male NameWarrenGermanicProtector, loyal
Male NameWarrickEnglishStrong leader