Puppy and Dog Names M

By My Lovely Pups

Puppy and Dog names starting with "M" is melting in the mouth like M & Ms. Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "M".

We Would Like To Suggest

  • McCool: Cool name for the uber-cool pooch, from the movie One Night at McCool's.
  • Milk-Bone: Every dog's favorite treat also makes a great dog name.
  • Murphy Brown: From the TV series - a clever name for a brown dog.

M & M - Macca

Female NameM & M  
Male and Female NameM-n-m  
Male and Female NameMa  
Male and Female NameMa Barker  
Male and Female NameMa Deuce  
Female NameMa'am  
Male NameMaartenLatinFrom the God Mars
Female NameMabIrishIntoxicating
Female NameMabelFrenchLoveable
Male NameMablevi  
Female NameMabliWelshLoveable [Welsh form of Mabel]
Male NameMabonWelshDivine son
Female NameMabynWelshDivine son
Male NameMacGaelicSon of
Female NameMacarenaSpanishBlessed [Also the name of a popular line dance.]
Female NameMacariaGreekHappy
Male NameMacarioGreekBlessed
Male and Female NameMacaroni  
Male and Female NameMacawiNative American (Sioux Tribe)Female Coyote
Female NameMacayleAmericanWho is like God? [Form of Michaela]
Male NameMacbethScottishSon of life [Play and tragic title character by William Shakespeare]

Macduck - Macy

Male and Female NameMacduff  
Male NameMaceFrenchClub
Female NameMaceoSpanishGift of God [Version of Matteo or Matthew]
Female NameMachaNative American (Sioux Tribe)Aurora
Female NameMachikoJapaneseFortunate one
Female NameMaceyEnglishPlace of Maccius
Male and Female NameMacgraw  
Male NameMacgyver  
Female NameMacha  
Female NameMachiJapaneseTrue happiness
Female NameMachikoJapaneseKnowledgeable child
Male and Female NameMacho  
Female NameMaciEnglishPlace of Maccius
Female NameMacieEnglishPlace of Maccius
Male and Female NameMackenzieScottishSon of Kenneth
Male and Female NameMacleanScottishSon of the servant of John
Male NameMacon  
Male and Female NameMaconaqueaNative American (Miami Tribe)Captive white one
Male and Female NameMacraeScottishSon of Grace
Male and Female NameMacyFrenchWeapon

Mad Dog - Madan

N/AMad Dog  
Female NameMadaArabicFurthest point
Female NameMadalynHebrewFrom Magdala
Female NameMadame  
Male NameMadan