Puppy and Dog Names R

By My Lovely Pups

Yes! We have plenty of Puppy and Dog names starting with the letter "R". Below you can start browsing Puppy and Dog Names starting with the letter "R".

You Can Choose Names Like

  • Ra: The ancient Egyptian sun God. The meaning of the name is uncertain, but it is thought to be the name for the sun or a variant of or linked words meaning "creative power" and "creator." A short and direct name for your male puppy or dog.
  • Ricky Ricardo: A cute name for a little guy, after the character played by Desi Arnez on I Love Lucy.
  • Rommel: After the WWII German general known as The Desert Fox. This one just seems perfect for a Doberman or Rottie.
  • Roxanne: Cool "rock-dog" name from the Police song of the same name.

Ra - Rainer

Ra - Radko

Male NameRaEgyptianThe sun
Male NameRaananHebrewFresh, green, Flourishing
Male and Female NameRabiaSwahiliSpringtime
Male and Female NameRabitat  
Male NameRaceEnglishRunning competition
Male and Female NameRachAmericanEwe [Short form of Rachel.]
Female NameRachaelHebrewEwe
Female NameRachanaSanskritCreate
Female NameRachealHebrewEwe
Female NameRachelHebrewEwe
Female NameRachelleFrenchEwe
Female NameRachnaSanskritCreate
Male and Female NameRack  
Female NameRacquelFrenchEwe
Male NameRadArabicThunder
Female NameRadaBulgarianCare, joy
Male and Female NameRadar  
Male NameRadcliffEnglishRed cliff
Female NameRadella  
Female NameRadhaSanskritSuccess
Female NameRadhikaSanskritSuccessful, prosperous
Female NameRadinkaSlovakAlive
Male and Female NameRadinski  
Female NameRadkaBulgarianCare, joy
Male NameRadkoBulgarianCare, joy

Radley - Ragini

Male NameRadleyEnglishRed wood
Male NameRadman  
Male NameRadomér  
Male NameRadwanPersianKeeper of a vineyard
Female NameRaeHebrewEwe
Male NameRaedArabicPioneer
Female NameRaeganGaelicDescendent of Riagain
Female NameRaeka  
Male NameRaekwonAmerican 
Female NameRaelin  
Male NameRafaelHebrewGod has healed
Male NameRafeGermanicWold council
Male NameRafer  
Male NameRaffaelloHebrewGod has healed
Male and Female NameRaffertyGaelicWielder of prosperity
Male NameRafflesEnglishA kind of lottery [Sir Thomas Stamford (1781-1826), British colonial administrator: founded Singapore (1819).]
Male NameRafiArabicExalted [Also a short form of Rafael.]
Male and Female NameRafikiArabicFriend
Male NameRafiqArabicDear friend
Female NameRafiyaSwahiliDignified
Male and Female NameRage  
Male and Female NameRaggedy  
Male NameRaghnallIrishAdvice rule [From Norse Ragnvaldr.]
Male NameRagin  
Female NameRaginiSanskritLoving, affectionate

Ragnar - Rainer

Male NameRagnarOld NorseStrong army
Female NameRagnhildGermanicCounsellor in battle
Female NameRagniSanskritMelody
Male and Female NameRags  
Female NameRahab  
Male NameRaheemArabicCompassionate
Female NameRahimaArabicCompassionate
Male NameRahiqArabicBest wine
Male and Female NameRahmHebrewHigh, lofty [Derivative of the name Rahamim, which means mercy. Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff under Barack Obama.]
Female NameRahmaSwahiliCompassion
Male NameRahulIndianEfficient
Female NameRaiArabicSheep tender
Male NameRaidenJapaneseGod spirit
Male and Female NameRaider  
Male NameRaimy  
Female NameRainEnglishRain
Female NameRainaLatinQueen
Male and Female NameRainbowEnglishRainbow
Male and Female NameRaineFrenchQueen
Male NameRainerGermanicWise army