Tommy Pettersson

By Tommy Pettersson

Tommy Pettersson

Tommy Pettersson is an internet veteran and web development professional. Since he entered the Web in the middle of the 1990s he has worked for several companies in different positions on three continents.

Over the years Tommy Pettersson has worked in different positions from web designer, webmaster, marketing manager, consultant, Managing Director, to mention a few. He has built up a wide experience and knowledge about how to enter the Internet in the best way and how to build a successful business online.

Tommy Pettersson's background and interest have always been marketing for small businesses offline as well as online. As the entrepreneur he is, he has also started internet related companies and different kinds of projects.

Since 2005 he is the Managing Director of Success Webmasters Pte. Ltd., an international web development and Internet Marketing company based in Singapore, and are working with web development and marketing.

Tommy Pettersson is also the founder of Fair Trade Community, a community where people can get facts and information, meet and discuss how they can help to improve the lives of some of the poorest people in the world.

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